TC20/25 by Zebra Technologies

  • 2018

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Zebra Technologies

Designed In:

United Kingdom

The TC20/25 is a rugged enterprise grade mobile computer in a smartphone form factor. Its integrated scanning capabilities, durability, and accessory ecosystem are designed for small businesses in retail, field mobility, and transport and logistics. Using the TC2X results in increased communication, asset tracking and improved business efficiency.

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  • Small business customers need more than what consumer smartphones can offer in terms of ruggedness and business driven features but would not consider more expensive enterprise devices. A device is needed that would enable them to move from pen and paper systems or smartphone based solutions to a durable business focused device to increase productivity and efficiency. These customers need a familiar feeling user interface, intuitive features, attractive aesthetics and a device that evokes confidence and reliability for day-in day-out performance, all with comparable prices to consumer smartphones on the market and flexibility to perform multiple tasks with one device.

  • The TC2x family was designed to leverage premium and mid-tier design elements and accessory ecosystem thinking in a consumer-competitive device and price. Its android user interface, USB-C charging and touchscreen interface all reduce barriers to small business use. Its ergonomic features reduce fatigue, increase scanning speed and add grip to reduce drops, while its ruggedness and water resistance add durability. The innovative accessory ecosystem provides flexibility, enabling devices to perform multiple task while also supporting a mixed fleet with one cradling solution. Accessories include a snap-on power-pack to provide in-use charging and a snap-on gun handle to increase scanning speed.

  • The design lowers the adoption barrier to small businesses enabling them to benefit from big business productive gains. The low cost can be redeemed by large increases in productivity, less waste and enhanced customer experience leading to increased sales. This drives economic growth in Retail and T&L sectors. The TC2X introduces the Zebra brand to new markets with unmet needs, exposing the brand to additional end-users and consumers. The TC2X is an introductory device that may see customers expand and use other Zebra devices. Reduction of ordering errors and the long lifespan due to its serviceability also has environmental benefits.

  • The device’s 1.2m drop protection and IP54 sealing, along with the walkie-talkie functionality, accessory ecosystem, and ergonomic features enable the customer to excel in all environments while engaging with shoppers, ordering stock from the backroom or making deliveries. The TC20 and TC20K’s enterprise grade Wi-Fi and the TC25’s cellular data ensures exceptional data connectivity. The TC20K’s keypad enables high frequency input. Integrated contacts in the SIM/SD card access door and side rails connect with accessories; increasing flexibility and maximising ROI while offering the lowest-cost base unit. The accessory ecosystem enables wide versatility with the snap-on gun handle enabling efficient ergonomics for scan intensive processes such as stock taking. The snap-on battery extends the battery performance by double, while not impeding the ergonomics. This enables in-use charging of the device’s integrated battery. The power-pack also can be charged in the field via USB-C. Charging cradles are designed to accommodate any TC2x device with and without the power pack, trigger handle and hand-strap attached. Accommodating this wide range enables easier deployment and accommodates mixed fleet installations. The cradles utilise dedicated charging pins to ensure enterprise grade durability, while an integrated USB-C connector allows for in the field charging and data transfer.