• 2015

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    Consumer Electronics

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Swann Communication

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SwannOne is a DIY home security ecosystem that consists of a Hub, safety cameras and a range of wireless sensors all integrated for use across a web based portal and mobile platforms app. SwannOne is a holistic system that gives users control over their home access, security, and automation. The Hub is the heart of the system and with multiple radio protocols it can communicate not only with Swann products but a host of 3rd party devices. The Hub humanises technology with it’s non technical appearance and is designed to engage with the user in the daily interactions of coming home. The system is designed to expand into a range of growth opportunities within the smart home and “internet of things” space.

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  • Inspired by the humanisation of technology, the SwannOne Hub is designed to complement its environment and be something house proud owners would desire to have in their home. It comes in neutral colours that match most home decors, and offers a customisable tray that allows for personalisation. It is unobtrusive and minimalist, yet warm and with subtle organic curves. The clear glass-like upper housing gives it depth and sophistication. The matte gray base slims its appearance. The SwannOne system has a human tone of voice and aims to be intuitive and easy to use, providing clarity of communication & streamlined operations. Technology feels invisible with no flashing LEDs and no buttons on the face of the Hub.

  • With multiple wireless technologies (Wifi, Zigbee, Bluetooth & Z-Wave) the hub can connect to a growing number of Swann security products as well as 3rd party home automation devices. It has an internal microphone that uses audio analytics to identify sound patterns of smoke alarms, gunshots, glass breaking and baby cries. Empty your pockets onto the tray and the hub will safe-keep them until you return. Under the tray is an internal bowl area with a charging USB port. Plug in an external hard drive for an out of sight NVR to back up your encrypted data locally. Alternatively store & charge on the go items such as mobiles, cameras and bike lights. A recess on the top edge allows for cable access under the tray.

  • SwannOne Hub has no sharp edges and is made from flame retardant plastic. It is not to be opened by the user, hence all fasteners are concealed. It has an integrated rubberised pad underneath to make it stable & reduce accidental knocks. All data is encrypted and an internal battery secures operation in case of a power outage. The Hub notifies users if it's status or if it has been tampered with. Smart audio analytics can immediately issue alarms to you or police and emergency services, reducing response time to critical emergency services. “Rules” can be created to customise the system to your security, privacy and home automation needs. It complies and is labeled with all applicable standards and regulations.

  • SwannOne can help minimise energy consumption by scheduling and remotely controlling lights, appliances and heating/cooling. It can turn off all lights when nobody is home and measure energy consumption. Sustainable by design, its classic aesthetics does not fade with time or new trends. The main presentation surface, the tray, is available in a range of materials such as durable corian and timber, known to age gracefully. By encouraging product personalisation extend the product's emotional connection and life span as a user is more likely to handle with care, repair it and postpone replacement. SwannOne can and should be e-recycled and is clearly labeled with a WEEE symbol. The packaging is also recyclable.

    The SwannOne hub has a sophisticated design with a high perceived value. The aesthetic aims to please the senses and form an emotional bond with the user. Careful attention has been given to surface details and the selection of contrasting materials and surface finishes. High frequency use areas such as the internal bowl and base are textured to minimise the appearance of any scratch marks. The Hub's weight adds to the impression of quality. Injection moulded parts which are appropriate for mass production deliver high accuracy with consistent quality. The SwannOne Hub is coherent with all touch points in the SwannOne system, including the family of products, packaging, branding, web platform and mobile App.

    The Swann One home security system is a versatile and expandable security and automation system priced competitively against other market offerings. It offers a suite of subscription based and/or PAYG services to complement it's powerful features. Versatility, expandability, as well as diverse revenue generating models boost Swann Communications growth from product supplier to service provider in the smart home space. The SwannOne system enables the company's entry into the growing home automation and “internet of things” market. Launched privately at CES 2015, it has been received with keen interest by key partner distributors with strong suggestions of excellent international sales forecasts.

    SwannOne is the only smart home hub/ecosystem to offer audio analytic monitoring of smoke, gunshot, glass break, aggression and baby cries. Also first at featuring the ability to connect a standard USB hard drive and turn the Hub into a networked digital video recorder (NVR). Swann One presents an original form factor and design and through co-moulding plastics of different opacity, achieves interesting visual effects and material depth. The feature tray is both aesthetic and functional and allows the usage of materials (timber, Corian) not traditionally found in the electronics market. It crosses the border from technology into home furnishing and pleasantly surprises you with its hidden internal bowl.