svvet workout leggings

  • 2017

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Diana Valia Chen

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While an inhibiting and unattractive middle seam has become the design norm in women’s workout leggings, svvet’s leggings are stitched unlike any other garment in its category, completely removing the middle seam.

Designed with the wearer’s comfort and product performance in mind, svvet leggings use only the highest quality fabrics.

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  • Thick, high quality materials were carefully chosen to improve performance and to compliment the garment's construction. Featuring a high-waisted design with double layers in the pant and waist area, svvet's leggings help to create a feminine, flattering shape for the wearer. Using a basic colour and minimal branding, svvet leggings are designed to appeal to women who prioritise comfort and performance over fashion.

  • svvet has completely redesigned workout leggings by changing the pattern and removing the middle seam. The innovative design not only makes workouts more comfortable, but thicker materials means the tights stay in place, removing the need to make constant re-adjustments. Special attention has been paid to minimise transparency, while a higher, double-layered waistband increases compression on the abdomen. For the ultimate comfort, printed labels have been chosen over irritating tags, and no pockets or zippers that dig into the skin have been included in the design. svvet's leggings have also been rated to an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 40, offering excellent protection against the sun's harmful radiation.

  • The ecological impacts of throw-away fashion is having devastating consequences on the environment. svvet is dedicated to ensuring all garments are designed with the thickest, most durable fabrics, which will last longer than the average mass produced product, making it less likely to be tossed into landfill. Further, svvet's focus on basic colours that won't go out of fashion helps to extend the product's lifespan. Another waste reduction measure is printing the care label onto the fabric instead of producing and sewing an additional tag to the garment.

  • Every detail of svvet's design has been considered to create a garment of superior quality. The emphasis on high quality, thick material makes svvet's leggings less transparent and more durable. The pant and waist area boast two layers of fabric for added security against transparency, while also drawing away moisture. For self-conscious consumers, the extra thickness also helps to cover bumps or cellulite, allowing them to feel more confident. Paying special attention to durability, silicon was chosen over ink for the logo, printed on the outside of the garment, ensuring it doesn't split or stretch with overuse. Choosing the highest quality fabric ensures svvet tights still look new, wash after wash.

    svvet leggings represent excellent value for money when compared with other brands in the women's activewear market. svvet offers consumers higher quality materials and better quality construction than competitors at a very competitive price. The design of the garment itself will be the long-lasting feature as patterns and colours can go out of fashion. Once a buyer has tried a pair, they are likely to buy additional styles and recommend the product to a friend or family member, contributing to a return on investment on the design.

    svvet's innovative leggings design is unlike any other garment available on the market. svvet has completely redesigned workout leggings by changing the pattern and removing the middle seam. The unique design has an Australian patent, issued in January 2015 for new and original design.