• 2021

  • Next Gen

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Leo Torres

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SV.7 is an ultra-portable, modern survival kit intended for everyday carry. Small, lightweight and optimised for anyone looking to maintain a reasonable degree of disaster preparedness – it sits in the bottom of your bag until you need it.

When things go wrong – will you be ready?

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  • Time and time again, disasters - both natural and human made - have exposed an over-reliance on organized response services - which despite their best efforts, are often overwhelmed in times of calamity. But disasters often do not come with the luxury of an early warning and any disruption to the structure of modern life - even temporarily - can lead to many finding themselves unused to operating without the safety net of organized relief systems - to potentially life-threatening and fatal results.

  • SV.7 equips the everyday person with the tools necessary for basic life support - with the philosophy of: 'better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it at all.' It contains basic survival essentials in a water-resistant ABS container, which doubles as a 3600MAH solar power-bank - while also powering a built-in radio and signaling suite. While the base unit is intended to provide a strong foundation across a variety of use-case scenarios, users are encouraged to further adapt the loadout depending on their needs and environment.

  • SV.7 seeks to foster a culture of self-sufficiency so that when disaster strikes, there is a greater capability to ensure the survival - not only of oneself, but also of others around them. From storms to tsunamis, earthquakes to bushfires, to civil unrest and even war - the basics of survival remain the same: food, water and shelter. Having the tools to acquire these on hand at all times allows one the flexibility to adapt and overcome challenges faced in uncertain - and often chaotic disaster situations. And after all, the best tool is the one that you have with you.

  • There was a focus on both short-term surge capacity response while also accounting for a worst-case scenario of long-term survivability - all balanced with maintaining a lightweight and portable form-factor. The base kit includes multiple fire-starters (including a flint steel), water purification tablets and rehydration salts, along with basic first aid (iodine doubles as a water purifier) and an emergency blanket. An acrylic Fresnel lens doubles as a fire starter and a signal mirror, while the magnification allows for the included guide booklets to be printed with a very small font, thus maximizing information contained. While this kit is intended to operate in tandem with a mobile device - this is not a strict requirement. In terms of casing, the external ribbing for the inner container serves to both maximize internal carrying capacity, while also improving resistance to water ingress by creating bulkheads in-between the aluminum outer shell, which in-turn doubles as a container for boiling water. The emergency signaling suite forgoes manual control for an automated light/tone SOS sequence every 15 seconds. This is done in order to preserve battery, to prevent panic spamming and to allow for effective signaling even when the user may be non-responsive.