Sustainable Organic Production

  • 2019

  • Engineering

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Green Camel has successfully developed technology allowing glasshouses to produce top quality certified organic crops at yields comparable or better than conventional hydroponic facilities. Green Camel’s designs strive for healthier people and a healthier planet through sustainable organics enabled by technology.

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  • Design a modular, scalable integrated aquaculture-horticulture system that produces both fish and vegetables in a symbiotic manner with zero pesticides. The design should adhere to the fundamental principles of best practice farming that depicts the management of the nutrient cycle within the farm system wherever possible, making the waste stream from one process the feedstock for another. By taking the waste from aquaculture and safely processing it to create an allowable input to organic crop production. In short, turn a waste stream into nutrient stream.

  • A facility was designed that converts the waste from a Barramundi farm into nutrients for the glasshouse crop. The resulting irrigation supply water is rich in the required nutrients and 100% organic. Rainwater from the roofs is captured and used to replenish the fish tanks with fresh water. The system is modular and can be scaled/repeated to support glasshouses of various sizes. Zero effluent, zero run-off, and zero solid waste are produced. A proprietary cloud-based operating platform/model was developed to give high tech management to the system.

  • The technology enables scaleable capacity and cloud-based farming. With the market opportunity and consumer shift in demand towards organics, Green Camel’s technology has positioned the company extremely well to meet future demands. Furthermore, larger Green Camel operated farms will provide scales of economies that will deliver a lower-priced product to the consumer, healthier lifestyles and improved returns to investors.

  • Our yields match that of hydroponics, without the associated risks and energy demands. Our soil-based horticulture allows our crops to better capture desired nutrients such as calcium and vitamin C and they are certified to be organic. Green Camel’s systems filters and reuses 100% of fish discharge. Every piece of fish waste and every drop of water that is used to produce the fish is converted into usable inputs to grow the crops. This means every drop of water is used twice.