Stephen St Kitchen – BFI Light Drums

  • 2016

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

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For The British Film Institute’s restaurant,Stephen St Kitchen, designed in collaboration with Benugo and Softroom, PSLab sought to craft a lighting experience tantamount to the BFI’s legacy:Elegant, hand corrugated brass insertions, evoking the essential origins of cinema: the play of light and space.

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  • The fixtures on the columns in the BFI lounge, featured in both the interior of the building and on the exterior facade, were produced using a craftsmanship developed by the PSLab design team. Following a manual, recto/verso bending technique applied to corrugated brass sheets, the resulting cylinders are given a white powder-coated exterior finish, while the natural brass interiors reflect a burnished glow. These pieces are finally hinge-mounted to the columns, providing the space with a modular aspect, allowing the light scheme to be subtly manipulated according to the desired mood. The outdoor fixtures were designed with a smart mechanism to store them at night and keep them safe from city vandalism.