Steadyrack Vertical Bike Storage Solutions

  • 2020

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    Sport and Lifestyle

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Dave Steadman, CEO and Founder of the Steadyrack, identified a solution to a universal and frustrating problem in homes around the world, and delivered a bike rack with unique capabilities ensuring enough space for cars and push bikes in the garage environment.

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  • Steadyrack’s brief was to develop a solid, well built, long lasting, easy to install vertical bike parking solution that could fold away when not in use pivoting to maximize space in the bike storage area, while minimizing risk of damage to bikes, cars and users. The Steadyrack had to be fully assembled and purchased or shipped to the customer at a reasonable price point, it also needed to be easily secured to the wall, indoors or outdoors using supplied screws and wall plugs ensuring a safe, easy installation. The Steadyrack includes a rear wheel tyre rest suiting most cycling genres.

  • The Steadyrack was designed so that any adult, of any age, strength or bike riding ability, could easily load and unload their bike (including a heavy E-Bike) into the rack without any lifting required. Additionally, wanting to save space in all bike storage areas, the patented pivot function allows for the racks to rotate almost 180 degrees in each direction. This enables bikes to be stored almost flush against the wall. The pivot function is also a safety feature, as the rack will give way if its encountered, avoiding potential injury or damage.

  • Steadyrack’s ‘no lifting’ (key feature) provides a user friendly, healthy, safe alternative to traditional, clumsy bike storage solutions. For 11 years the Steadyrack has become the bike rack of choice for customers and users who appreciate its functionality, quality and reliability and through word of mouth have grown our sales online and through stores around the world. From Amazon, Google and Target the Steadyrack continues to grow and customer loyalty is profoundly obvious. The advent of bike parking solutions for business, end of trip facilities and personal use, shows we are supporting and encouraging cycling as a viable, green alternative.

  • • The Patented pivot feature provides a storage solution for bikes that has never been seen before • Steadyrack requires no lifting whatsoever. • It’s easy to install. • There are four different models, to accommodate almost every type of bike. • Can accommodate E-Bikes. • They are safe to use. • The Steadyrack folds up into a neat, compact form when not in use. • A combination of mechanical and structural metal components provides an efficient functional solution using minimal components for maximum results. • The selection of materials to enhance the function and aesthetic of the product has become a selling feature. • The Steadyrack is a light weight, easy to deliver product. • The Branding and packaging of the Steadyrack is a credit to its existence. • The Steadyrack is synonymous with cycling character and the fraternity. • The Steadyrack is a cost effective, affordable solution. • The Steadyrack is convenient and easy to use. • No Spokes, no problem. • Stylish and contemporary design. • Deep rims, no problem. • Universal fit. • Park your car alongside a Steadyrack. • Lockable. • Mud guard and fender compatible. • Hang bikes up to 35kgs. • Engineered and built to last. • Compatible with hydraulic bikes.