Spadle and Holey Spadle Set

  • 2016

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

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  • Dreamfarm

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Spadle and Holey Spadle are a spoon and slotted spoon with innovative twisting handles that transform them into a ladle and straining ladle respectively. Spadle features a broad silicone scraping tip to easily gather up liquids, whilst Holey Spadle’s head has been optimised for scooping and straining pasta or vegetables.

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  • Each tool has two distinct forms which are equally appealing and thoroughly functional. The handle profile subtly changes along its length as to optimize strength, grip, and stability. The organic bone-like silhouette of the form flows through the joints, yet from a bird's eye view the twisting nature of the joints is made clear. Care has been taken in the styling to ensure both forms of each tool appear equally harmonious which playfully asks the question - is it a spoon that becomes a ladle, or a ladle that becomes a spoon? The fundamentally functional yet flowing form of the Spadle and Holey Spadle also strongly ties these kitchen products into the other members of the Dreamfarm hand tool family.

  • Spadle and Holey Spadle excel at their primary function - combining the functional benefits of a ladle shape with the storage advantages and everyday utility of a flat spoon. This is achieved by innovative twist joints which lock with haptic feedback into two clear positions at a 180° turn from one another, and eliminate unintended movement. The joints are easily cleaned when turned to 90° as no contact is made between the surfaces on either side of the joints. Spadle also features a unique flat silicone scraping tip to gather up sauces, and lines to measure liquids. Holey Spadle has tines specifically spaced for gathering spaghetti whilst still being able to easily scoop up small items such as baby peas.

  • Spadle and Holey Spadle are largely made from high temperature resistant and food-safe pure nylon. Spadle's silicone tip is made from Swiss grade LFGB certified silicone, which is baked for eight hours to ensure it is fully cured. Hygiene is maintained by bonding all parts together in order to eliminate crevices for food to get stuck in. Even the joint surfaces come completely apart when turned at 90° to one another to ensure Spadle and Holey Spadle will come out of the dishwasher or sink completely clean. The rotational planes for the twisting joints were specifically chosen as they experience the least amount of torsional force when scraping or serving to ensure the joints never unintentionally unlock.

  • Spadle and Holey Spadle were designed for prolonged contact with food and as such their parts are bonded together to ensure no hidden crevices and provide maximum food safety. The designers opted to make the products last a lifetime in lieu of designing for disassembly. This is achieved by using over-moulding manufacturing techniques and other permanent assembly processes. Not only will these tools last a lifetime, but as they each perform the functions of what would otherwise require two tools, the overall impact on the environment of each is much less than that of producing two separate tools. All parts of Spadle and Holey Spadle are manufactured in a factory with ISO 14001 environmental certification.

    Spadle and Holey Spadle speak quality through their material selection, and the innovative design that joins them together. They employ thick, moulded nylon plastic, which is the toughest and most heat resistant available for food contact use. Swiss grade LFGB silicone is used for Spadle's scraping tip, and 304 Stainless steel for the handle joints. These twist joints have been designed for durability, being pressed together permanently under pressure and heat. All aspects of Spadle and Holey Spadle have been designed to be heavy-duty to withstand a lifetime of daily use.

    Both Spadle and Holey Spadle retail for AUD $24.95 which are similar price points to other high end, quality kitchen tools on the market. They represent greater value for money to the customer by the fact that each of these products take the place of what is otherwise two different tools - a spoon and ladle, while still providing enhanced functionality over both of these items. Spadle and Holey Spadle fit within a range of other hand tools by Dreamfarm. The addition of a ladle and slotted spoon to the range allows Dreamfarm to now sell a full set of hand tools, which gives the customers greater value and will complement the sales of these products alone.

    The innovation shown in the design of Spadle and Holey Spadle goes far beyond making a 2-in-1 tool. Dreamfarm's solution enhances the functionality of the tools being combined in an innovative manner that makes the whole far greater than the sum of its parts. The designers pioneered a complex assembly technique to make the twist joints possible. Circular barbs are machined into the ends of a formed stainless steel rod which is moulded into the products' centre section. The nylon head and handle parts are heated and pressed over the stainless steel part. The nylon parts shrink as they cool, locking them onto the steel rod's circular barbs, resulting in a permanent joint that can twist but never come apart.