smanos UFO Panoramic WiFi HD Camera

  • 2016

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

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Armed with an HD fisheye lens, superior night vision and accurate motion detection, the smanos UFO camera brings clarity, immersive vision and ease of use to home monitoring, and can be ceiling- or desk-mounted. Free on-board storage is available, for you to remotely retrieve or share motion triggers in the past.

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  • The UFO-shaped camera is constructed with high-quality, ceramic-like ABS plastic to ensure its lasting beauty for many years to come, and its 180-degree (desk) or 360-degree (ceiling) field of view means you get to keep an eye on your loved ones or property - with no blind spot, day or night - on your iPhone or Android phone anywhere, anytime. Futuristically sleek in design, the smanos camera works independently or with any smanos WiFi alarm system, delivers three types of full HD view (birds eye, panoramic and regular) simultaneously at 1080p, and enables you to zoom in and out digitally at will, while allowing you to engage in a two-way conversation at high-fidelity sound quality.