SlidaScope: Endoscope Drying Cabinet

  • 2020

  • Engineering

Designed By:

  • The Smartline Medical team
  • Will Smart, Frank Grabs
  • Darren White
  • Richard Van Wyk
  • Dan Murphy, Krystal Bennett

Commissioned By:

Smartline Medical

Designed In:


SlidaScope is a premium Australian designed and made endoscope drying cabinet for use in clinical environments and leads the way with unique features and modular additions. Preventing harmful bacterial growth and maintaining sterility, SlidaScope manages infection control, space constraints, workflow, usability, and electronic staff activity logs via an RFID network.

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  • Improve patient care via thoroughly drying endoscopes immediately after high level disinfection by preventing microbiological proliferation. Reduce reprocessing costs via extended storage life of disinfected scopes Introduce paperless scope reprocessing record logs to remedy contamination risks, automate data collection, prevent mistakes and allow data sharing and reporting. Meet legislation, by compact, modular, reconfigurable cabinet design allowing for varied or changeable install requirements to meet space constraints, and clinical workflows. Independent HEPA filtered air supply must relieve dependence on hospital infrastructure whilst reliability minimizes maintenance. The entire system must be well supported, user friendly and low-maintenance.

  • International independent testing has validated SlidaScope's microbiological efficacy. The drying system, air supply and scope connectors, enhance patient safety. Reprocessing costs have been significantly reduced by extending permissible endoscope storage time from 3 days to 31 days. The paperless RFID data systems logs each step of decontamination electronically, and with low touch methods for accuracy, improved infection control, and reduced administrative time. Flexible networking options allows various configurations and easy data access of “Who, What, Where, When and How”. Remote access aids support. Independent vacuum air drying, is a novel, reliable solution to drying. without need of medical air.

  • Effective drying reduces scope handling, leading to extended scope life, reduced chemical, power and water consumption and improved environmental impact. Socially, staff and patient confidence is enhanced due to ease of use, time saved and improved accuracy of data capture and reporting. Staff have more clinical time and risks are managed, and costs are lowered. Changing workflows and standards can be managed by modular upgrades to the cabinets and controls, extending product life and reducing future costs, training, and disruption.

  • The cabinets are available as single door, pass through or X-Ray proof configurations. Doors can be reconfigured left or right-hand opening. Pass through cabinets have interlocking door controls, preventing air movement through the cabinet or between rooms. The cabinet environment is monitored, controlled and recorded electronically. A simple to use system interface is delivered via touch display screens for visual status of scopes, cabinet environment and training videos. Audible voice prompts and coloured LED Lighting support user activity. Recurring events like cabinet cleaning, maintenance and testing are scheduled reminders delivered via screen, lighting and printed prompts. Patented, novel and independent HEPA filtered air and vacuum supply, provides positive cabinet pressure, whilst airflow through the internal scope ducts is achieved via vacuum. Air drawn through the scope by vacuum dries effectively and reduces the chances of contamination. The addition of scope containment baskets allows a touch free transfer of certain scopes directly from scope washer to cabinet for enhanced infection control and reduced handling. Additional data collection regards the cleaning cycle steps, validates the scope as “suitable for storage”. A series of swipe devices and printers have been developed to capture activity at each stage of decontamination.