Sleeping Duck Indestruct Bed

  • 2022

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • Winston Wijeyeratne
  • Phaon Phipat
  • Will Loft
  • Callum Ellis

Commissioned By:

Sleeping Duck PTY LTD

Designed In:


The SD Indestruct Bed is the world’s most robust bed frame, specifically designed to positively impact sleep quality. A precision engineered steel core delivers infallible support to the user’s mattress. A modular system of hand crafted artisan finishes make better sleep health accessible to anyone, no matter their style preference.

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  • After repeatedly observing customer mattress sag and failure from many 3rd party bed frames lacking structural integrity and durability, we challenged ourselves to design a bed frame that supports its user for a lifetime. A bed frame is typically chosen based on aesthetic preference. We didn’t want our customers to have to choose between unparalleled structural integrity, and style. We needed our design outcome to present in 1,000’s of forms. Making improved sleep quality accessible to as many of our customers as possible.

  • The SD Indestruct Bed separates the load bearing structure from aesthetics into 2 distinct systems, providing infallible support independent of exterior styling. The “Indestruct Steel Core Support System” features inside every SD Indestruct Bed. We re-engineered every connection and support form that normally goes into a bed frame, using standards drawn from heavy industry and structural engineering. The exterior transforms according to an interchangeable “Artisan Skins System” that attaches to the steel frame. Headboard, sideboards and legs customise to a series of different forms that enable appeal to different consumer segments. Delivered with no compromise on functionality.

  • Many bed frames before the SD Indestruct Bed are designed with planned obsolescence, and a focus on visual appeal that is dictatorial of function. The Indestruct Bed sets a new consumer expectation of a bed being not just an accessory to a mattress, but an appliance for better health. By delivering a product concentrated on precision execution at a widely accessible price point, we are elevating a consumer culture that values longevity. Demoting a desire for furniture products of ‘fast fashion’ status, positively influences the environmental impact of our industry as a whole.

  • The Indestruct Steel Core Support System is made up of the following components: The 50kg S235 Steel Chassis is folded structural steel 2mm thick. This makes up the perimeter of the core structure. The Dual C-Spine Support Beams, also structural steel. There is one of these on each side of the bed to support each sleeper. The M39 Bolt Ultrasecure Leg Assembly uses a custom machine threaded component that measures 39mm in diameter. The scale of this leg component means that all forces on the mattress are evenly distributed to the floor. The L-Spine Bed Head Brace secures the bedhead into the steel chassis and prevents any deflection to provide back rigidity against fatigue failure. The Universal Distributed Air Support Panels (UDASPs) provide a load bearing surface which uniformly distributes force and provides optimal breathability to prevent moisture buildup on the underside of a mattress. The exterior modular system has been crafted with Artisan Skins, starting with 5 different bed frame designs in a range of materials and forms, that can be interchanged to enable 1000’s of bespoke aesthetic choices.