Hager’s Silhouette Range

  • 2016

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

  • Erwin Van Handenhoven - Hager Group

Commissioned By:

Hager Electro Pty Ltd Australia

Designed In:


Silhouette is a new range of switches and sockets (Wiring Accessories) that are fully compliant with the Australian & New Zealand electrical standards. The range consists of approximately 50 individual products providing over 150 commercial references. The market launch of the Silhouette range is scheduled for July 2016.

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  • Slim switches & sockets that blend into the wall have always been a demand within the electrical industry for many years. Silhouette has succeeded in achieving this challenge thanks to a thickness of only 4mm from the wall.

  • The Silhouette range follows the new Hager design philosophy - our design intention is to create meaningful, simple but elegant forms based on the serene balance of proportions and the reduction to the object essentials (no overdesign) giving the product the right tone of voice in order to fit with its environment. Our goal is to focus on the visual perception of slimness thanks to the chamfer on the outer edge that visually reduces the thickness of the plate. Creating a complete user experience we go beyond the functions and the aesthetics with interaction: we worked from the product installation scenario, to the choice of surface haptic in order to create delightful interactions.

  • Along with a polycarbonate finish, the Silhouette cover plates will be available in real brushed aluminium and stainless steel finishes. These two metal finishes are unique in the slim switches & sockets product category on the market. The clean and sleek look of real metal adds a true dimension to the walls, with a manufacturing technique that ensures absolute precision fitting over any base product.

  • To ensure a perfect fit with any type of wall (plasterboard, face masonry, …), the Silhouette products are compatible with almost all standard mounting accessories (wall brackets and clips) commonly used in the marketplace. The small size of the socket base contributes to an easy fit off with mounting accessories, therefore helps to decrease the overall mounting time of repetitive installations such as in multi-residential buildings.

    Already well appreciated by installers in existing Premiere and Visage switches & sockets, the Silhouette switch is based on the same Hager RotoLoc system. The switch mechanism is locked into place behind the plate in a method similar to a classic bayonet light bulb. The result is a switch that cannot be pushed back - staying on your finger and not through the wall. Alongside this, the new RotoLoc electronic push button switches, USB charger & universal dimmers offer a third dimension to both aesthetics and functionality for the customer.