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The ShoulderMaster is Australia’s only skid steer shoulder paving attachment and is ‘The Future of Road Safety’. Stabilcorp’s unique innovation can repair roads in a third of the time, for the a third of the cost using a third of the fuel compared to traditional methods of shoulder repair.

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  • Stabilcorp's innovative design offers contractors, councils and government an immediate solution to the urgent safety issues on our roads. The time and cost associated with traditional methods of shoulder repairs results in a reduced number of dangerous roads being serviced due to financial constraints. Local Government budget restrictions combined with an aging road network are the contributing factors in the current backlog of road maintenance throughout Australia. The ShoulderMaster method provides savings of up to 60% over current traditional road shoulder repair methods. This increases the number of roads that can be improved with the allocated budget by up to three fold.

  • The reduced carbon footprint left by the ShoulderMaster method drastically increases the energy efficiency of the shoulder maintenance process. This provides a financially viable and environmentally responsible solution to road shoulder repair due to the reduced use of fossil fuel and reduction of carbon emissions.

  • An independent assessment concluded that through the reduction in construction plant, and the consequent reduction in fossil fuel usage, there were energy savings of over 70% using the ShoulderMaster method. More notable benefits were the dramatic reduction in works time and the increase in the safety of the shoulder maintenance process. Works were typically completed in a third of the time that traditional methods would have taken, and combined with the compact nature of the equipment meant limited inconvenience to road users. In addition to financial savings, the improvements to the safety of the process and the quality of the repair are of paramount importance.

  • Our patented design eliminates workers in the works exclusion zone by the use of wireless technology as part of the remote operation Stabilcorp's attachment enters the marketplace at a price point that allows the operator to cover the cost of the ShoulderMaster with money saved by using the attachment in under 60 days of use.