• 2020

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • JPE Design Studio

Commissioned By:

Specialised Solutions

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Sedi emerged from the desire to bring technological advancement to the public realm, in a self-efficient furniture form that inspires and intrigues. Sedi is a responsive design outcome that represents a new level of comfort, amenity, connectivity and sustainability in a piece of standalone urban furniture.

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Image: Danny Howe
Image: Danny Howe
Image: Danny Howe
Image: JPE Design Studio
Image: JPE Design Studio
Image: JPE Design Studio
Image: JPE Design Studio
Image: JPE Design Studio
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  • JPE Design Studio and Specialised Solutions identified a gap in the market whereby strong design and integrated smart technology could co-exist to create an asset to any environment in which it is placed. A key driver for the design of Sedi was for it to be an “off-grid” unit so it could reach a range of different environments including regional and remote locations that may not have access to a power supply. Sedi needed to respond to the growing desire for accessible technology, resulting in an outcome that can cater effectively for people both now and into the future.

  • An infinite loop, Sedi is a self-sufficient piece of smart furniture that appeals to a wide user group and encourages interaction as a community asset. Driven by a commitment to sustainable outcomes, Sedi represents the next generation in smart urban furniture and is designed for comfort, visual interest and distinction. Sedi is built from quality materials that are durable and sustainable, ensuring a long product life and minimal environmental impact. The design is intended to be simple in form and materiality so it can fit seamlessly into any location and adapt effortlessly to different environmental conditions.

  • Sedi is designed for people, creating an open and inviting seating space that welcomes user interaction and provides flexible seating opportunities for users to meet and relax. The design and fabrication of Sedi has been carefully considered to ensure a cost-effective outcome that allows the product to be accessible to a wide audience without sacrificing form or function. Responding to environmental factors, Sedi is future-proofed and acts as a benchmark for sustainable and technology driven urban furniture. Sedi offers wireless charging stations, USB ports and integrated lighting which are all powered by the unit’s solar panel and onboard battery.

  • Sedi is a product of South Australian innovation, a collaboration between JPE Design Studio as local designer and Specialised Solutions as fabricator to arrive at an outcome that is unique in the global marketplace. Sedi can be customised to include informational screens, Wi-Fi or a smart data capability that gives councils or clients the ability to actively collect information through integrated sensors, producing information that can be used to inform cityscapes and urban space treatments. An important part of the design intent was to incorporate the solar panel in a way that promoted the feature but didn’t dominate the form or function. The design of the loop results is a sinuous form extension that is visually playful and creates a shade and shelter component with increased spatial security. Sedi uses long lasting, sustainable materials that have been chosen for their durability, recyclability and suitability for urban environments and public use. The outer layer is formed from rolled sheet metal and the seating component is constructed from plantation sourced timber cladding. Designed to be simple and versatile, Sedi can cater to a range of different markets and environments, bringing innovative, technology rich and sustainable furniture to the public realm.