Savic Motorcycles C-Series – Engineering Design

  • 2021

  • Engineering

Designed By:

  • Dave Hendroff
  • Dennis Savic

Commissioned By:

Dave Hendroff

Dennis Savic

Designed In:


The C-Series is Australia’s first emissions-free, full-sized, high-performance electric motorcycle. Based on the classically beautiful café racers of the 1970s, the three models offer a world-leading departure for the e-moto industry, combining exhilarating performance and minimal maintenance with the very latest battery and power conversion capabilities of modern EV technology.

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Image: Jason Lau
Image: Jason Lau
Image: Jason Lau
Image: Dave Hendroff
Image: Jason Lau
Image: Jason Lau
Image: Jason Lau
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  • Our challenge was to design a head-turning motorcycle that would combine the power, handling and stripped-back style of a traditional café racer with the latest electric battery and power conversion technologies. The main challenge was integrating a bulky 80kg powertrain without detracting from the fine lines and distinctive 'racing' style of the iconic 1970s motorbikes. We did this by designing a lightweight cast-aluminium frame which also doubles as a waterproof enclosure. The frame incorporates the 144-volt battery pack as a structural chassis element, houses 80% of the electronics, and couples directly with the motor to produce a fully-functioning, stressed powertrain.

  • With the C-Series, we wanted to recreate the distinctive pared-down style of a café racer, with clip-on handlebars, a broad 'fuel tank', and a low-slung cowled seat enabling riders to adopt a racing stance. But this is not just a bike for speed-merchants, and having a standard body and battery design enabled us to affordably produce two lighter, lower-powered models - the 40kW Delta and 25kW Omega - alongside our flagship 60kW Alpha. The result is Australia's first true 21st century motorbike: a testament to the emerging electric revolution, which will delight riders with its powerful performance, data 'smarts', and head-turning looks.

  • If Savic Motorcycles were asked our number one priority, it would be to play a leading role in the emerging e-mobility revolution. We're doing this by delivering future-proof motorcycling to riders who love the art of classic motorbikes, but demand a reliable vehicle to travel safely, comfortably and affordably - and, above all, with no emissions. This promise is already attracting significant market attention - as evidenced by our sold-out first production run, which will begin delivering vehicles in early 2022. With our Omega model priced at $12,990, we're also making the dream of electric motorcycling accessible to younger, more price-conscious consumers.

  • The Savic C-Series provides the look and feel of a sophisticated and meticulously handcrafted motorcycle in a reasonably priced, factory-built production vehicle. The secret lies in the latest battery technology and a number of artfully customised features, including dual LED headlights, three-spoke wheels, and a single-sided swingarm providing the 'floating wheel' look prized by Ducati and other legendary road bikes. In addition to world-class Brembo brakes, Wilbers suspension (as an aftermarket option), and YSS rear shocks, the C-Series features a number of customisable features, including raised handlebars and a removable cowl and pillion passenger seat. The electric power source also enables us to incorporate a push-button reverse gear to manoeuvre the bike backwards. In early 2022, the Savic team will undertake a test project to develop a custom anti-lock braking system with engineers from Bosch Australia. The team has also gained considerable kudos for designing its own ADR-compliant, customisable touchscreen dash, which will provide riders with a full suite of real-time bike and journey data, downloadable via a personalised 24/7 rider's app.