• 2018

  • Communication
    Branding and Identity

Designed By:

  • Dongdao Creative Branding Group
  • Beijing (CHN)

Commissioned By:

Yunnan Shilin Yi Autonomous County Publicity Department

Designed In:


The Sani people live mainly in the central part of Yunnan. With profound culture, pristine and quaint folk customs, bright-colored costume and embroidery, the Sani people enjoy great admiration, especially for their Torch Festival and Sanxian Dance (a three-stringed plucked instrument).

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  • Sani is not only a nation, but also a treasure of Chinese culture and a tourist attraction of the world. Tourists are fascinated by its unique humanities and natural landscapes, but cannot understand Sani’s cultural traditions. In addition, it is very difficult to communicate with other Yi people branches. Therefore, our challenge was to establish a unique identity which reflected its featured culture.

  • As a bold and unconquerable minority, the Sani people admire tiger as their totem. We adopted the image of a tiger as the main identity, as to distinguish the Sani people from other minorities. We also combined distinct dance and costume features in an isomorphic way, with the admiration for fire. An original and enthusiastic minority image is well conveyed.

  • By facilitating to distinguish Sani from other minority branches of the Yi nationalities, the design creates a unique identity and manifests its distinctive culture of Sani, therefore activating and energizing its profound tradition and culture.

  • The very essential totem and the most influential dance of the Sani people are tactfully combined into the logo graphic. New pattern formed through repeated composition and re-creation based on the logo brings new energy to Sani’s tourism product.