Safety1st Summit ISO AP

  • 2016

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  • Ideation Design

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Dorel Australia

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A compact car seat with great safety and practical features designed to simplify the installation process. The seat is the first of its kind to feature antibacterial fabrics and showcase a creative design approach in combining various moulding techniques. The seat features patented Air Protect TM technology and ISOFIX compatibility.

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  • The Summit ISO AP is designed to perform with proprietary safety technology and more importantly fitted with all of the key desired features including the introduction of Antibacterial fabrics, new to the market. The appearance is familiar and easily identified as a child restraint, the smooth surface and contoured shell creates an encapsulating protecting appearance. The one handed recline feature is intuitive and really simple to operate. The base is specifically shaped to fit the contouring of modern car seating while providing access to ISOFIX attachments .

  • The Summit ISO AP has been designed to provide superior protection in the event of an accident to the child in both forward and rearward facing configurations.The ease of installation on the Summit ISO AP, an integral part of the seat design, allows the seat to be installed correctly with the option of ISOFIX compatibility, fulfilling the intended use and protection. The sculpted base design allows ease of ISOFIX fitment in most vehicles. The antibacterial fabric has been tested and data shows that it inhibits the growth of bacteria by 99%.

  • The key function of the Summit ISO AP is to provide intuitive, correct installation to the car vehicle with a traditional vehicle belt or ISOFIX lower anchorages. Having the seat installed correctly allows maximum protection to the child seat occupant by protecting the child in a collision. The Summit ISO AP is tested and complies to the latest version of the Australian child safety standard AS/NZS 1754: 2013. The seat is also fitted with patented air Protect energy dispersing system that upon a side impact collision activates and reduces the G forced around the infant/ child's head.

  • The Summit ISO AP has been designed for rearward and forward facing position for the age range starting from newborn to approximately 4 years old. The seat has been tested with a standard size 6 year old dummy at the highest G forces when compared to international standards. The Summit ISO AP utilises unique engineering that combines the best of both blow moulding and injection moulded quality materials to stand up to daily use requirements and has UV properties that can withstand UV degradation up to 10 years. The Summit ISO AP materials are long lasting, withstand expected wear in the tough interior environment of a car and all parts can be wiped clean.

    The Summit ISO AP with antibacterial fabrics have redefined value for money. The safety of the product by Australian standards is synonymous with the Safety 1st brand. This new seat is redefining the market standard offering new fabric innovations and ease of use as a point of difference offering the consumer an aesthetically pleasing product packed with great features at an affordable price. Safety performance that is easily achieved through correct use and installation, it is a compelling values proposition for the consumer.

    Blow moulded boosters seats have been available for many years.The Summit ISO AP is an innovative use of blow moulded manufacturing techniques coupled with ISOFIX attachments to produce a car seat from birth to 4 years for the Australian market. The two main blow mouldings provide both the structure and the impact cushion to protect the occupant. Additional smaller injection moulded components provide the strength and detail required for smooth operation of important functions such as headrest and recline adjustment mechanisms. The subtle geometry of the of the recline arc essentially provides a built in stabiliser in the seat base for rearward facing installations making it simple to use and easy to install.

    The summit ISO AP is an essential consumer durable product and as such has a great life span from birth to 4 years thus giving excellent life to the materials used. It has been designed for disassembly and as such The major HDPE blow moulded parts can be recycled. The Summit ISO AP is of a modular construction with a common base moulding for use with either a either a manual slotted backrest or a head rest adjustment that simultaneously adjusts the shoulder strap height. This provides for economy of steel tooling.