SafeGauge Dial Indicator Series

  • 2022

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    Commercial and Industrial

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Luke Dawson

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SafeGauge focuses on the development of specialist “smart” tooling that allows workers to safely maintain heavy machinery in mining, defence, construction, agriculture and rail industries. We aim to improve safety in these industries globally, while supporting local businesses and remaining proudly Australian owned and operated.

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  • Dial indicators are a tool used to measure small amounts of movement (wear) on machinery to ensure it remains safe to use. On mobile plant equipment these are used to measure the wear of large pins and bushes. If not detected, it could result in major component failure with catastrophic consequences. With traditional devices this testing carries the risk of crush injuries as they require a worker to be on or near the machine to read the dial. SafeGauge aimed to eliminate this risk by designing a device that allows workers to complete testing safely and efficiently using wireless technology.

  • Our entry, The SafeTest Dial Indicator (DI-10), is a one-of-a-kind device aiming to transform the way wear is measured on heavy machinery components, while allowing technicians to complete the measurements from up to 50 metres away with Bluetooth. The SafeTest DI-10 measures up to 10mm of movement (displacement) on machinery with an accuracy of 0.01mm. This is a product that removes workers from danger zones, while providing fast and precise measurements, ultimately reducing the risk of injury or death, costly repairs, and improving accuracy in results.

  • Elimination of Live Work (ELW) is a growing initiative, and there are serious concerns with sizable gaps in the availability of solutions to ELW risks. This has led to our product roadmap heading towards an innovative range of safe and data-driven tools. The SafeTest DI-10 is a new smart-tool added to our range that eliminates the risk of crush injuries while measuring wear. It enables technicians to complete essential live testing in record time, out of harm’s way. Identifying excessive wear prevents machine failure meaning equipment can be considered for repair rather than replacement, reducing environmental footprint.

  • The SafeTest DI: • Has 50m Bluetooth range and is connectable with loT devices • Provides up to 10 hours battery life • Has a fast sample rate of 4 times per second, with results displayed on the Wireless MultiTool: touch screen monitor, providing a technician with real-time readings from machinery being tested • Has a measurement range of 0-10mm • Rigid magnetic stand and clamp to securely mount the DI-10 to a reference point for measurement Technicians can now measure displacement in tight spots with accurate precision, without putting themselves in harm’s way. The DI series kits are supplied with everything needed for a technician to grab the kit and get the job done safely. The SafeTest DI is also compatible with our Wireless DataLink; a wireless data logger which allows technicians and engineers to create reports, monitor machine performance and identify irregular trends and machine failure before it occurs.