Safe high performance Surfboard/watercraft fin

  • 2020

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    Sport and Lifestyle

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  • Courtney Potter

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High Performance surfboard/surf-life saving craft fins with a soft outer skin. Designed to be a safer option for sports at all levels of performance.

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  • A Safer Fin (Surfboard/Lifesaving craft) designed to meet the needs of all levels of surfers Beginners to advanced. To create a fin that had to perform at an advanced level while being safe and reducing the chance of injury.

  • Surfboard fins currently on the market are Beginner fins made from a rubbery material and regular fins made from Hard Plastics or Fibreglass.. The beginners fins are a safer option but don't perform very well. The regular/high performance fins are a hard Plastic or fibreglass construction, perform at very high levels but can cause serious injuries. The idea was to make a high performance fin that was safer to bridge this gap. The design concept was to have a stiff inner Fin core with a soft skin covering to protect the surfer/paddler/swimmer from any contact with the fins.

  • Surfing and life saving are great Aussie past times but the equipment can be very dangerous. Injuries by Fins in both Surfing and Life saving craft(Nipper boards, Surf ski's) are well known, can be fatal and unfortunately continue till today. After many years in the industry designing fins we saw a need for a Fin design that offers a safer option with out compromising on performance. Good performing fins don't have to be just for advanced surfers and a safer fin doesn't have to be just for beginners. We Designed a Fin for Performance and safety.

  • We recognised a need not only in surfing for a safer high performance fin but also with Surf life saving boards in particular the Nipper boards. We have been working closely with a Surf life saving nipper board (Surf ski) design company here in Queensland, to create a safer fin that performs at the highest levels for competition. The Fin design also features Dimple technology on the outer soft skin. This improves the performance of the foil and reduces drag. The soft skin is durable, UV protected and able to handle rough trips to the beach and at the beach. The design can be applied to any fin/keel design, are cheap to manufacture, can be made from recycled or eco friendly materials.