Ryobi 4V Cordless Lithium Ion Ergo Screwdriver

  • 2019

  • Communication

Commissioned By:

Techtronic Design

Designed In:

Hong Kong

The compact design of the Ryobi 4V Screwdriver Kit is perfect for use around the home, workshop, particularly in tight spaces and dark corners. It comes with an LED work light, 10 screwdriver bits, offset and angle attachments which make screwdriving jobs a breeze and convenient to carry around.

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  • Sustainable packaging format with high reuse value is always a challenging topic when comes to hardware power tool packaging. Various packaging format and materials ranging from metal, paper, clamshell & fabric has been introduced for this light weight product before. Most of it end up in trash with little reuse value after purchased. Also, traditional packaging format is less attractive when it is presented as a promotional item. The new transparent case features zip fastening, compact footprint, and reusability makes it a premium in the competitive retail market. in short, we given it a second life.

  • The combination of PET, PS and fabric zipper turns out to be an exceptional and unique packaging experience for the company. It’s striking outlook with transparent upper appearance successfully transform an ordinary packaging to a highly visible and functional casing. User can easily store multiple items and carry around hassle-free after purchase. It allows shopper to spot the content easily from a glance in the competitive retail environment. The light-weight and compact design also aims at young DIYer and female user for personal or family and friends gift choice.

  • Despite not being the latest packaging format in the audio industry where the design is inspired from, it is still an innovative breakthrough for hardware and power tool packaging. The high reuse value has an instant gain to the environment, as user will bring second life to the pack and generate less wastage compare to traditional packaging materials such as paper / plastic / metal. It allows the user to experience the cool brand spirit: designed to do more and helps to attract the younger generation of DIYer.

  • Besides on-the-go-compact design and durable concept, the casing can convert to other daily lifestyle storage easily. The ERGONOMIC concept is carry through from the tool design to attachment, to allow user to work effectively. Compact tool design with LED light helps screwing in the dark with ease. Offset / right angle adaptor allows screwing at awkward angles and in tight spaces. USB fast charging feature fits perfectly for all time charging anywhere, anytime.