Reusable Straw Dishwasher Rack

  • 2020

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

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The Suckitup, reusable straw dishwasher rack is the only commercially available dishwasher rack that has been specifically designed for cleaning reusable metal straws in the types of industrial dishwasher typically found in the hospitality industry, giving businesses the ability to adopt sustainable practices, whilst improving hygiene and ease of cleaning.

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  • We needed to solve the problem of cleaning reusable straws in the commercial hospitality industry. Our aim was to have the ability to thoroughly clean 50 or more straws, inside and out, in the same amount of time it takes to clean other utensils. Existing dishwasher racks do not fix the straws in place or position them in a fixed orientation so that the straw can be flushed and have all outer surfaces cleaned.

  • The initial challenge was to figure out a way of holding the straws in a variety of orientations which would ensure an even exposure to the high pressure water jets inside of the dishwasher. The rack also had to be sized to fit the most common dishwashers found in commercial settings, whilst having a capacity large enough to make it a viable solution for cleaning a large quantity of straws at any given time. On top of all this, the rack is manufactured from recycled PP, reducing the environmental impact, as well as the cost for the end consumer!

  • In 2018 it was estimated that an average of 10 million plastic straws were used every day in Australia, with an average usage life of 15-30 mins before being discarded. Reusable, metal straws have since become a popular choice for many individuals, but adoption has been low in the hospitality industry due to the challenge of cleaning the straws effectively in a fast paced environment. The Suckitup reusable straw rack eliminates this barrier to entry and provides hospitality venues with an option that previously didn't exist.

  • The requirements for the rack were clear from the beginning - It must be reusable, have a capacity no less than 100 straws, it must make use of recycled material and be user friendly and robust enough to withstand the rigours of a hospitality environment. These requirements dictated the material choice, colour selection (due to the limited palette of recycled PP), the simplicity of the flexible snap clips for the lid, and design for disassembly. Another feature of note is the inclusion of a space for a bristle brush on the inside of the lid. This brush can be used to dislodge any stubborn contaminants - Our testing has shown that when the rack and straws are properly soaked, the brush is infrequently used.