retub: premium reusable takeaway containers with a built-in container exchange

  • 2019

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retub™ is the premium, glass, reusable take-away food container that provides thermal protection for hot food and has a built-in container exchange program, called Reswap. Reducing waste in style while addressing hygiene with a simple and stylish solution: retubs really are the better way to takeaway.

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  • If they are to be the genuine alternative, the experience of using sustainable-tubs must be as good as or better than single-use equivalents. Our challenge was to design a reusable container that: 1. reduced waste and recycling materials 2. provided thermal protection for fingers when food is hot 3. provided confidence that the correct volume of food was being purchased 4. responded to concerns regarding eating from plastic 5. offered food-vendors a way to maintain control over the cleanliness of the takeaway vessel 6. made consumers feel proud to be seen to participate in the sustainability movement 7. was microwavable

  • retubs: 1. are reusable 2. protect fingers from hot food with their outer base which also: a. protects the inner glass container from gentle bumps and knocks b. creates a double-wall to help with thermal retention 3. have inner measurement lines at commonly used volumes for takeaway food 4. ensure food only touches glass and silicone 5. inner containers can be easily removed from the base - unclean inners can be swapped for clean ones at Reswap-participating food-vendors. 6. are stylish 7. detachable vents double as emergency food-scoops, reducing the need for single-use cutlery 8. are dishwasher and microwave safe

  • Each retub has the potential to divert up to 10kg of single-use containers, bags and cutlery per year from waste, taking pressure off landfill facilities that are close to capacity and/or defunct or non-existent recycling facilities. retubs can be purchased by consumers from participating food-vendors and Reswap is made available to those vendors at low, subsidized prices. This enables food-vendors to offer a sustainable option with the potential of actually improving their bottom line. Cobranded retubs can be used for cafe-customer-loyalty-programs. Reswap addresses the legal reality that food-vendors must ensure the cleanliness of the containers and provides a simple solution.

  • retubs, with their built-in container exchange program, are a unique, world-first product. While primarily, retubs replace single-use food containers, the design encourages consumers to also avoid using single-use bags and cutlery (by offering thermal protection for fingers and having a detachable vent that can double as an emergency food scoop) thereby potentially reducing 3 waste sources. retubs (including their inner containers) are rectangular to offer a space saving option for food-vendors and for households. They are also stackable. retubs embrace the legal reality that food-vendors must use clean containers and, through Reswap, provides a simple and hygienic solution. Reswap also provides great convenience to busy consumers who may not have time to wash their retub between uses by enabling the food-vendor to quickly and easily swap the inner container. Their stylish aesthetic means retubs are desirable to a wide community of consumers. Through the combination of being attractive and easy to use retubs are making a large impact on waste reduction. retubs have been instrumental in some companies being able to phase out personal rubbish bins from their offices.