Reliance Smart Money – Financial Marketplace

  • 2018

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    Commercial Services

Designed By:

  • Think Design Collaborative
  • Rama Aleti Anantha Satish Kumar Nihit Gaur Purushottam Sharma Sushant Ghorpade

Commissioned By:

Reliance Capital

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Reliance Smart Money is a ‘neutral financial services marketplace – empowering people to do what’s right for their money. The multi-product digital platform provides access to Mutual Funds, Stocks, Loans and Insurance, PMS, Corporate Fixed Deposits and Bonds among others – helping its users take informed decisions and transact across asset classes seamlessly.

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  • Investment portals are dime a dozen. While most of them are highly transactional in nature allowing users to manage and transact, a few others provide very little value to online users allowing them only to view their portfolios online while managing the whole process offline. Reliance Smart Money was conceptualized as a groundbreaking, innovative and completely online solution that consumerizes complex investment decisions. The primary challenge for our design consulting team was to break free from existing patterns, re-imagine new and align all stakeholders through design manifestations. **A new kind of service was beginning to shape up.**

  • **Our Methodology**: We spent several weeks conducting workshops, research, analysis and synthesis that led to a high level blueprint and define **Design Principles** of the service. We involved cross functional teams from the very beginning to attack the challenge from User, Business and Technological approaches. **Design Solution**: On one hand, Reliance Smart Money's E-commerce like approach makes it extremely easy for users to compare and purchase investment products, while on the other, **Robo Assist** opens up a conversation interface that would guide its users through their digital journey. Our Design principles: "Simplified, Smarter, Valuable" were manifested throughout the User's Experience.

  • Reliance Smart Money has a unique position in the investment market, owing to its ground breaking concept. For the first time, the otherwise traditional trading business has transformed into a complete digital business. What is more important here is that this is not mere digitization of processes; but rather looking at the overall benefits using digital platforms and transforming the basics. A few outcomes: 1. User sign up turnaround (conversion) has improved significantly. 2. Footfall (visits) have significantly increased. 3. Reliance Smart Money is now a category of its own. 4. Cross selling of Insurance products.

  • **Baskets**: The idea of baskets came from understanding a novice user's journey. Baskets provide ready made and curated group of stocks for those who want to invest are really not investment nerds. **Insights**: A plethora of educational material was curated and presented for the benefit of users. Further, the module provided valuable information to novice and seasoned investors alike. **Catalog**: The approach to cataloging itself was innovative... for instance, a category called "Exotic" in stocks. This category features turnaround companies, buzzing stocks, top 3 in sectors etc., The approach to architecture was centered around users and their journeys; with deep insights into how and what users think when they evaluate investments **Frictionless Experience**: It is very rare that we come across a portal where you can get anything done (well, almost) without having to bother about signup/ signin. With Reliance Smart Money, you don't have to worry about it at all. Users can read educational material, browse and filter products, compare products and even add to cart without having to login. It is only at the checkout that the user is prompted to signup/ login.