• 2021

  • Next Gen

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Rachel Stevens

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Chemotherapy-induced Nausea and Vomiting (CINV) is debilitating and many people are resistant to the traditional medications that treat it. Releaf is an administration device for medical cannabis supporting patients to manage their medication regimen and helping them to get back their quality of life.

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  • Chemotherapy-induced Nausea and Vomiting (CINV) is recognised as one of the most distressing and negatively impactful side effects of chemotherapy on patient quality of life. For some, traditional medications do not provide relief - leaving them unable to work, enjoy food or even leave the house. Promising research has shown that medical cannabis may offer a possible solution to those affected by breakthrough nausea. Despite this research, there are very few user-focused solutions. This project aimed to create a product, system or service surrounding medical cannabis intended to improve the quality of life for sufferers of CINV.

  • Releaf presents a holistic approach to the management of nausea. Fundamentally, Releaf is an oral mucosal mouth spray that accurately doses prescription medical cannabis for nausea relief. The device features replaceable cannabis cartridges and is Bluetooth enabled helping patients track their usage through an app. Its role as an administrative and titration tool ensures that patients experience a medication regime tailored to their needs, to provide the best and safest symptom relief possible. Supported by a host of human-centric features and services, Releaf provides not only nausea relief but gives back quality of life to sufferers of CINV.

  • Releaf was designed with the pure intent of improving quality of life. Its potential to positively impact the lives of those debilitated by nausea has significant flow-on effects in contributing towards a prosperous society. A response to the evolving legislative landscape around medical cannabis, Releaf is positioned at the forefront of Australian therapeutic medicine presenting a unique opportunity to become a market leader. Its closed-loop system sets a new benchmark for the possibilities of therapeutic devices. Releaf proves that these devices can exist within a sustainably considered ecosystem replacing the pure function centred design of the past.

  • Titration is an important technique used for the dosing of cannabis products and is most useful when accompanied by a recorded process of reflection. Releaf's supporting application automatically recognises when a dose has been measured and later prompts its user to make this reflection. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to track and display data, allowing the information to be shared immediately with medical professionals - supporting them to make better-informed dosage recommendations. For some, CINV can be so debilitating that even leaving the house is an almost impossible task. Releaf operates on a delivery service to ensure the least intrusive experience for its patients. This same service is critical in facilitating the closed-loop ecosystem overseeing the return and recycling of the PET cartridges, as well as managing the device's end of life. As pharmaceutical sprays are commonly disposable products, Releaf's reusability and longevity ensure the most benefit is gained from the materials embodied resources. Key features list Oral mucosal mouth spray that accurately measures dosages Replaceable cartridges for medication and cleaning solutions Bluetooth connected and app-enabled to track usage Indicator light to communicate interactions Mechanical lock which is child safe and prevents accidental dosages Packaging for easy transport Wireless charging