REALITI Control UI Redesign

  • 2022

  • Digital

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Union Lane


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REALITi is a highly advanced patient monitor simulator which mimics real monitors and defibrillators. The REALITi allows medical practitioners and students practice on a wide range of conditions and life-threatening medical scenarios.

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  • REALTi's design challenge focused on a number of areas: 1. User feedback revealed the lack of customisation for the controls was frustrating for users and a limiting factor in continued use . 2. Additional feature demand for ventilators related to COVID and COVID-related respiratory scenarios created a demand for where it would sit within the application. 3. Allow for more intuitive navigation and better control for users. 4. Enable a fully-responsive design for not just tablets, but mobile devices and desktops. 5. Maintain a continuity from the previous device. Users in medical fields resist change heavily.

  • The solution was a refresh of the user interface that was familiar to current users but subtly improved to enable better workflow. We created 'The Grid', a module grid system that allowed controls to expand and contract with detail depending on the teacher's preference. The Grid unlocked a number of benefits for restructuring the IA & updating the overall layout. Sub-menu functions, such as settings and bluetooth connection setup, could be nestled appropriately, and new features, such as simulation of ventilators, could exist alongside current features while remaining easy to use.

  • Medicine is a fast-moving, continuously changing environment. Every day there's a techniques to fight said-diseases and how to improve the overall care of the patient. This continuous development of a health carers skill & knowledge is not without a cost - both figuratively and literally. With REALTi, the mission is to empower clinicians with the power to up-skill and teach in a safe, yet realistic environment - and in minutes, not hours. This new interface & design unlocks the promise of what these modern tools can do - faster, better and with greater effectiveness than before.

  • > Re-architected control layout The changes to the header bring a clearer hierarchy to the elements within, resulting in more room to add critical controls. Resulted structure allows the UI to be adapted to different screen sizes. > Layout / Widgets A redesigned widget ecosystem and layout manager allows clinicians and teachers to customize their layouts for their own use case. > Patient records The updated patient records provide much more detail and background, making sharing and collaboration between peers easier and more beneficial.