Rapid Shield by Space Tank Design

  • 2020

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    Medical and Scientific

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COVID-19 highlighted Australia’s health PPE vulnerability and our need for domestic manufacturing security. The onslaught of GP and hospital attendances and news of frontline workers resorting to ponchos and welding shields for protection against viral infection led Space Tank to design an Australian made and sustainable face shield solution.

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Image: Rapid Shield by CoLab
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Image: Laser cutting Rapid Shield prototypes
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  • Re-design a face shield that reduces inter-person transmission of airborne droplets for frontline workers in busy triage, medical and healthcare environments. Must meet Health Procurements Victoria’s specifications: • AS/NZS 1336:2014 • Forehead to chin 22-25 cm ear to ear 33cm, disposable or reusable with disinfection wipe • Made from anti-fog PETG • Create complete seal from above via foam on forehead • Non-latex elastic for secure fitment • Ideally antibacterial Other criteria: • Minimise product parts • Safe and easy to assemble • Create manufacturing efficiencies • Reduce packaging volume • Achieve high volume production at low cost/unit • Minimise waste and maximise recycling • Leverage local materials and manufacturing

  • Our innovative approach blends function with style and proves that less is more. Smart design reduction has led to a solution that improves many aspects of traditional face shields and offers new benefits that were not possible before. The design solution is a simple curved folding pattern closing the gap between forehead and shield. This provides a critical barrier against air borne viral droplets from above without the need for cumbersome foam or straps and buckles. The one-piece flat pack solution can be easily sterilised for re-use, eliminates unnecessary parts, reduces storage space and shipping costs and allows manufacturing efficiencies.

  • Staff in population health and clinical care environments are at-risk for higher cases of viral infection compared to the public. Rapid Shield is an effective health PPE solution against viral contamination; forming the first layer of defence in facial protection and reducing inter-person transmission of airborne viral droplets by up to 80% compared to transmission rates when a face shield is not worn. Refer: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4734356/ The innovative simple design ensures this product can be produced at scale, allowing Space Tank to compete cost effectively with imports. This provides Australia with a sustainable long-term health PPE solution.

  • The curved folding mechanism is a key design feature that brings rigidity and allows a comfortable fit while importantly closing the gap between forehead and shield. The ergonomic fold of the one piece design eliminates the need for foam padding and can be easily sterilised using standard sanitising methods. It has two strap lengths for size variation. The product is distributed flat packed to better support procurement logistics and minimal human contact is required in the manufacturing process, guaranteeing a viral and bacterial free product. The product is made locally and sustainably: • 100% manufactured and packaged in Melbourne’s North. • Zero waste manufacturing with all offcut material re-used. • Shield is 100% recyclable. Rapid Shield is a TGA Registered Device: ARTG No: 334403 and meets AS/NZS 1336:2014 standards with the exception of low-level impact requirements. Manufacturing of Anti-fog PET plastic film production complies with GMP, HACCP, ISO9001, FSSC 22000. Rapid-Shield meets Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV) criteria as specified: • AS/NZS 1336:2014 • Anti-fog PET plastic film. • Forehead to chin 22-25 cm ear to ear 33cm. • Disposable or reusable with disinfection wipe in between patients. • Foam padding applied to inside forehead section - optional. • Non-latex elastic to secure around back of head. Design registration number: 202012489