Quick-Fit Socket Series

  • 2018

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

  • Cube Industrial Design

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Connected Switch Gear

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A series of 240V Quick-Fit inline socket outlets that can be connected in seconds without requiring tools or the stripping back of insulation. The series consists of a mini pendant socket, a surface mount socket and a double power outlet.

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  • To design a 240VAC socket that can be quickly and reliably connected to a mains power cable without the need for any tools or stripping back of any insulation. The installation process should be easy to understand and the connection should be able to be made in a few seconds. The product should be manufactured without need for complex moulds or assembly methods.

  • The design uses an insulation displacement technique that incorporates a 2 component clamp. The first clamp holds the cable in position then a cam within the clamp forces the cable onto the insulation displacement pins. Each product is a single assembly for ease of handling and installation. Each incorporates a detail for capturing a cable termination grommet that insulates the end of the cable in the last socket in the circuit.

  • The Quick-Fit series of sockets and power outlets allows a contractor to fit an outlet in less than 5 seconds. Conventional connections can take several minutes. Quick fitting is particularly advantageous in large installations such as commercial buildings, warehouses and domestic high-rise developments which can have thousands of power outlets.

  • The Surface Mount Socket incorporates certified patented designed internal slide mechanism that resizes the clamp and moves the insulation displacement pins to enable use with both 1.5 and 2.5mm twin core plus earth cables