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  • 2020

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    Web Design and Development

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Delicious tasting and bursting with health benefits, the Queen Garnet plum was well overdue for a high-impact e-comm solution. Lending herself to a range of unique health products, the redesign of the site showcases her gorgeous new branding and majestic range in an easy-to-shop experience geared towards sales conversions.

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  • The design challenge for Queen Garnet lay in modernising an outdated brand and site, to connect with a broader target audience. Relying on a website from the dawn of the internet, and zero marketing activity, we had an aging customer base. These loyalists were in their 70s and could only consume so much Queen Garnet. With a remit to double online sales, we identified a younger, ‘health explorer’, interested in holistic wellbeing, and a huge opportunity to evolve a brand and build an ecommerce platform to cater to both target audiences.

  • The Queen Garnet was cultivated by scientists to be bursting with health-giving properties, so we wanted to create a brand and website which nodded to its therapeutic heritage, while still being modern. The result is a logo featuring elegant botanic illustrations, and timeless typography. Research showed the ‘royalty’ theme appealed to both targets, so we incorporated majestic copywriting and a photoshoot of the plum to ensure brand integrity. We created a 3D render video, and clever hover states to help loyalists recognise the new packaging. The Shopify API provides an elegant ecommerce experience which supports the product’s premium price.

  • The Queen Garnet plum is a wonder of nature and science, and the website was designed and built to share this message with more people, so that the health benefits already enjoyed by a small but loyal group, could be discovered by the wider population. Business performance has always been the key metric of success for this project, and within the first month of the website launch, the Queen enjoyed: 128% increase in sales 116% increase in CTOR for upgraded eDMS 2,462% increase in online store sessions 28% increase in average order value 45% increase in returning customers

  • The Australian consumer watchdog is extremely stringent, and we had to overcome some large barriers with conveying our messaging and deriving compelling brand benefits to display on site. Despite being backed by several research studies, including those conducted by the CSIRO, we were unable to make any “inferred health claims” on the website. The result was clever and creative copywriting which poked a bit of fun at the monarchy while also positioning the Queen Garnet on her rightful throne as the leader of antioxidants. To achieve our objectives of developing a gorgeous brand while also hitting aggressive sales targets, there were three key considerations - simple UX, mouth-wateringly beautiful design and an extremely performant build. Our four distinct products take centre stage with an eye-catching 3D render and delightful animations showcasing the Queen Garnet range. The site loads in a flash and the user is able to check out within two taps, straight from the landing page. Our build approach decoupled the frontend from the backend allowing us to build a optimally performing, cohesive customer experience using headless commerce.