Pure F9

  • 2019

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    Domestic Appliances

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Electrolux Design

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Pure F9 reinvents the way we are cleaning our homes. The flexible main unit, in combination with the telescopic tube, enables effortless cleaning in every situation. This is the first product that combines advance technology with user centric design in in order to really replace our traditional canisters.

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  • The scoop of this project was to create the most flexible and powerful stick cleaner on the market that really could replace traditional canisters. Many stick cleaners on the market have the main unit close to the hand which means that you need to carry all the weight but gain good reach. Existing Electrolux stick cleaners usually have the main unit close to the floor which means that it’s hard to reach under furniture. Could we create a complete new configuration that would mean a completely new cleaning experience? This question became the main goal for the project.

  • By combining the advantage from having the main unit close to the hand but still enable low center of gravity the flexible main unit was designed. An innovation that enables the user to slide the main unit from its lower position to the upper position depending on situation. This enables effortless cleaning in every situation and creates an extremely flexible product that proudly replaces tradition canisters.

  • This product will increase the Electrolux brand awareness on the market and increase our reputation within the vacuum cleaner segment. The product in itself will impact people’s life in urban cities when they can replace their old canister and then save a lot of valuable space. Best in class design makes the user store the product visible in the room which also enables easy access that will create more effortless cleaning habits.

  • Pure F9 deserves a trial of all its functions. The cleaning experience is unique and brought to a new level. The flexible configuration enables the user to clean every corner of their home effortless. T clean the floor with less weight in hand and still reach far under all furniture’s. The telescopic tube enables easy storing in cramped spaces. The best in class maneuverability and headlights make the cleaning enjoyable which all together change your cleaning habits and creates a better and cleaner indoor environment. Pure F9 is the most flexible cleaner on the market.