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The Powermesh family of products introduce the convenience of controlling your lighting, appliances, fans, garage door and so much more. Designed to be installed in an existing building, it’s never been so simple to take control with the Zimi app or using your voice with the Google Assistant.

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  • "Smart" products are becoming common place however replacing lighting and appliances to "smart" can be complex and expensive. A simple solution is required to replace existing switches, power points and fan controllers so that any building and can easily be connected. Existing footprints and wiring needs to be used with a wireless system that work out of the box but can all connect using a mesh network to make it easier and reliable for both the installer and end user. Automatic timers, schedules, power monitoring, cloud control and integration with the Google Assistant is all required.

  • The design solution was split into development of both hardware (Powermesh Products) and software (Zimi App). A very reliable connectivity platform was developed utilising both Bluetooth mesh and Wi-Fi technology to make setup + operation easy and reliable. All lighting, appliances, pumps, heaters, electric blankets, etc can be controlled just by replacing a switch or power point. Voice control of these products allows all ages to easily use the technology with applications reaching people wth disabilities and aged care. Control everything like never before, whenever and however you want!

  • Simple features of the Powermesh products can make everyday easier. Having an auto off timer allows you never forget to turn anything off, increasing safety to ensure a heater, iron, hair straightener or dryer is never left on again. Power monitoring allows users to understand their energy usage and manage accordingly to save power and cost. We are also providing a resolution of control that will be crucial for future solutions of shared community power with limited pipeline of solar & battery storage. The potential is unlimited...

  • POWER POINT - set a schedule or auto off timer for any appliance plugged in. Monitor it's power usage and control using the app or your voice with the Google Assistant. The Power Lock feature provides safety for young ones and pets or unauthorised use in public places. FAN CONTROLLER - 7 speed touch control provides more speeds of your existing fan to pick the speed that's just right! Speed Sense Technology syncs the speed with temperature so you don't wake up cold in the night plus save energy! LIGHT DIMMER - Set the mood by dimming your lights. Control anywhere in the world using the Zimi app or your voice "Hey Google, dim the lights". Monitor the energy usage of lights with the actual cost in dollars and cents. The auto fade off feature gives you time to navigate as it slowly dims and is perfect for the children falling asleep. GARAGE CONTROLLER - Control your existing door like never before wherever you are in the world. Flight path technology tracks the doors position so you can open to new heights, great for deliveries or pets. Voice control is simply safer providing hands free control when driving - "Hey Google, open the garage door!"