Performer Compact vacuum cleaner

  • 2016

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

Designed By:

  • Philips Design

Commissioned By:

Royal Philips

Designed In:

The Netherlands

The Performer Compact Vacuum Cleaner expresses its innovative Airflow Max technology through an evolution of the current design language, radiating improved performance and sophistication.

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  • Designed for the lower price market, the Performer Compact Vacuum Cleaner is a premium quality compact appliance with a 3L dust capacity. Part of the challenge of this project was to find ways to express the innovative yet hidden Airflow Max technology and to create an exciting new identity for the portfolio. An evolution of the current design language for bag vacuum cleaners, the improved gloss levels, distinctive wheels and seamless integration of the Performer Compact now radiates improved performance, precision and sophistication and the advanced technology contained within.

  • Many people take pride in the appearance of their home, but as they lead busy lives they need a vacuum that allows them to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Designed to answer this need, the Philips Performer Compact is a powerful, yet affordable, bag vacuum cleaner that consistently delivers quality cleaning results. Easy and efficient to use, the Philips Performer Compact is light and manoeuvrable, and has been specifically designed to ensure consumers get excellent cleaning results with minimum effort.

  • The archetype of a vacuum cleaner with a bag has remained largely unchanged since it first appeared in our homes. You open a hinging lid place the bag correctly close the lid and the bag is hidden away until it is full. The challenge was could we respect the archetype of the bag category, yet communicate a technical innovation happening inside the canister to deliver the full performance from the outside.

  • We began on the outside inverting the hose inlet on the lid to better represent the air flow into the appliance. On the inside the air flow ribs inside the dust chamber have also being redesigned to have a visual flow helping the s-bag to unfold correctly and fill to its full capacity. The airflow story continues on the rear of the appliance where we've redesigned the filter area, moving it lower and placing the filter opening on the bottom, in doing so cleaning up the rear and bottom of the appliance.

    The generous dust chamber and powerful rear together with the U-shaped buttons, big go anywhere wheels and crisp clean edges are signatures of Philips floor care design identity. Blue is used as a powerful unifying signature accent color across all color versions from the canister to the integrated brush tool and the nozzle. It highlights technology, functional and interface elements in a consistent and considered way. We also introduce light as an identity element for the first time framing the foot operated controls it adds a touch of magic and an advanced feel. For the remote control versions the intensity of the light is linked to the suction power of the motor.