Outside The Box Caskets

  • 2020

  • Product
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Designed By:

  • Becs Bartells

Commissioned By:

Becs Bartells

Designed In:

New Zealand

Outside the Box Caskets offer an ecological solution to the traditional timber and MDF casket.

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  • We’re all trying to minimise our impact on the planet by recycling, being eco-conscious etc, but what about when we die? Cutting down trees which take 28-30 years to grow to make caskets which are going to be buried or cremated doesn’t make a lot of sense. With a vision to create a funeral casket that not only looks different from a traditional casket but also better for the environment, we created a casket that met these goals of sustainability, quality and style. We created an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional timber and MDF caskets, that currently dominate the market.

  • Outside The Box Caskets have been designed with the environment in mind and are made from all natural, sustainable and recyclable materials. The casket market is dominated by MDF and caskets tend to all look the same. We did something materially and aesthetically different, designing a unique casket that meets the objectives of sustainability and quality. Outside The Box caskets gives people an option in an industry where there are few choices as well as catering to those who have an environmentally friendly focus. Beyond the environmental benefits, the exterior has the potential for friends and family to get creative.

  • Our caskets have been designed to meet the strict requirements of the global green burial movement by being a fully compostable casket. The saying “Just bury me in a cardboard box” is commonly heard by Funeral Directors, especially when pre-arranging a funeral. Some customers just don’t want any fuss, now these requests can be acknowledged and delivered with dignity. Our company has teamed up with Trees For Survival. We donate a native NZ tree with every casket we sell. Trees for Survival is an environmental education programme which involves young people growing and planting native trees to restore natural habitats.

  • - Proudly designed and made in NZ - Simple and sleek modern design - 100% biodegradable and compostable (meets strict Green Burial requirements) The first cardboard casket to be certified in NZ by Natural Burials NZ - Cremates in 10-15 minutes less than a traditional solid wood casket, saving on cremation time and gas usage. Clean Burning, leading to less emissions from cremator and minimal ash, enabling easy processing. (Tests performed at Purewa Crematorium, Auckland, Nov 2019) - Less carbon emissions when cremated - Environmentally friendly using minimal materials - Lightweight, only a fraction of the weight of timber or MDF. Total weight of 10kg. - Assembled in a few minutes, no tools required - FSC approved - made from responsibly sourced virgin and recycled paper - Avoids wasteful use of virgin timber, saving trees - Handcrafted handles - Non toxic, no synthetics, nothing artificial, no plastic or metal parts - Easily transported, Delivered flat-pack. Very practical and economical with savings on storage space. - Self locking lid - Can be used for ground burials, including green burials and cremations - Personalisation: Can be finished, painted, wrapped or decorated. (The collaborative and engaging act of painting a loved one’s casket can be a cathartic experience.) Strong and durable. Weight tested to 300kg 6’2 x 23” x 14”