Orbitkey – Carry Your Keys Better

  • 2015

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Orbitkey is a completely new and better approach to carrying your keys. It transforms your cluster of keys into a manageable, organised stack that is also stylish. Best of all, there is no longer a jingling noise when you exercise with your keys in your pocket. The highly innovative screw mechanism has been engineered to prevent any accidental loosening and also allow for tension adjustments. The minimal design aesthetic was incorporated to create a timeless accessory which you can proudly carry with you at all times.

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  • Orbitkey transforms your cluster of keys to an organised stack that is also compact in size. You can arrange keys in your order of preference and this will help you locate the right key even in the dark. Having your keys stacked also means that it will eliminate noise that traditional key rings present. This solves the issue of annoying jingles when carrying keys in your pocket/ bag. It is the perfect companion during exercise or an important business meeting.

  • The locking mechanism design solves the issue that normal screws present. It has been designed to ensure that it will not loosen up during usage and also allows the user to fasten their stack of keys to the tension level desired. Using the same locking mechanism, users can carry anything from two to seven standard keys. Made from individually precision-machined Aluminium 7075, a highly accurate and durable locking mechanism could be achieved. The high quality anodized finish also enhances the overall aesthetics of the product.

  • We want everyone to be able to carry their keys proudly. With this goal in mind, a lot of attention has been put into the aesthetics of the Orbitkey. Inspired by accessories such as watches and jewellery, we achieved something that looks unique but still relevant to the user. The understated and integrated locking mechanism has been specially designed to complement the overall sophistication of the product. The result is a key accessory that is not only functional but also embodies elegance.

  • The soft material encloses the teeth of your keys and keeps them away from your smartphones/ wallets. Apart from that, it also prevents that discomfort caused when carrying you keys in your pocket. The use of soft material also opens up the opportunity to introduce a wide variety of bands to choose from. With a number of leather and TPU Elastomer materials available, users are able to customise a look that suits them.

    You can carry your larger keys such as car keys with the removable D-Ring attachment provided. This also allows users to attach any occasional keys they need to carry temporarily. The low-profile bottle opener and USB keys are also available to make your keys more than just door-openers.