Orbit by Motorola

  • 2017

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

  • Binatone Electronics International Limited

Commissioned By:

Binatone Electronics International Limited

Designed In:

Hong Kong

Orbit is an innovative, smart surveillance camera equipped with a high capacity battery and an ultra-wide (150 degree) viewing angle capable of capturing live footage in 1080p as well as recognizing human and zone activity. The Hubble App, Orbit’s companion, grants complete access to all your live and recorded footage.

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  • Orbit is a modernized, smart home camera perfect for all your and your family's needs. Whether you're a bachelor/ette living in an apartment downtown trying to keep track of your playful pet, or part of a family of 5 in the burbs trying to keep your household together, Orbit's full functional lens and cloud video services ensure your always connected to home. With a sense like no other, Orbit's “Smart Capturing” feature initiates video recording and saving upon the slightest motion. Saved moments can be stored locally within the built-in 8G SD card or uploaded to the Hubble Cloud. A versatile design gives Orbit the flexibility of latching on anywhere inside or outside of your home while constantly feeding on-board and cloud based video and audio analytics that capture, assess, summarize, and alert you to the most important moments of your household.