OpenCX™ – All the complexity of insurance, in three lines of code.

  • 2020

  • Digital
    Apps and Software

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OpenCX™ is a simple yet incredibly powerful SDK that’s making insurance simple for everyone, everywhere. We offer an end-to-end insurance solution accessible from just 3 lines of code. Enabling white-labelled sales, policy administration and instant claims experiences.

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  • Digital brands that want to sell insurance are turned away by the headache this process carries and the poor customer experience it eventually delivers. Lengthy tenders and 6 month integrations that result in disjointed digital processes is what brands can expect when onboarding a traditional insurance solution. We simplify this complex process with the power of tech paired with clever product design.

  • OpenCX™ offers a fully branded end-to-end insurance solution that sits within just 3 lines of code. We support the entire policy lifecycle, from quoting and purchasing, to ongoing policy management and claiming, and finally cancellation and renewal. Which is housed in a beautifully seamless customer experience. All brands need is to house the SDK on their site, add their logo and start promoting.

  • Since launch last month, we’ve gone live with multiple brand partners, including our first fully whitelabled partner, Starts at 60. Resulting in hundreds of customers being serviced by the OpenCX™ platform. We’ve forecasted our active policies to increase by 3 times over the next 12 months.

  • On top of a fully branded experience, seamless UX and an end-to-end support, OpenCX™ offers a range of other products, creating the ultimate customer experience. Instant claims allows customers to lodge claims and receive a decision within seconds, and in some cases have cash paid out in an instant. From just one quote, customers can compare multiple policies that range in price and features, all from within a brilliant digital experience. If policy changes need to be made, customers can easily sign in and edit their cover. Such as updating their address, adding and removing drivers, increasing excess plus much more. Brands can receive marketing assistance with automated abandon quote, and renewal reminder comms sent to each customer. All compliance is managed by Open. Meaning brands can focus on promoting their brilliant digital insurance experience, while we make sure they aren't breaking any rules.