OMEN 25L + 30L Gaming Tower

  • 2020

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

  • HP Design

Commissioned By:

HP Design

Designed In:

United States of America

The OMEN 25L/30L gaming computers bring affordable gaming power to the casual and hardcore gamer. Computer gamers need well-equipped machines with the ability to upgrade every component as needed. OMEN makes that possible in a minimalist, mature form, appropriate for the home user and enthusiast.

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  • There were a few difficult things that HP Design had to solve to make this product possible: 1. Thermal management is directly responsible for high performance. Cooling equals better performance. 2. How to reconcile form follows function while retaining the brand design language. If we take away the aggressive characteristics of previous gaming machines, how do we make it identifiable as an OMEN brand gaming machine? How do we communicate sophistication and power, without being bombastic? How do we cater to the hardcore gamer while still meeting the needs of the non-gaming user?

  • The thermal management was a multi-direction approach. The machine is raised on feet to allow more air flow. The front fascia is vented on its sides with a visible fan for forced-air-induction. Design employed pure forms and shapes for sophistication, using the OMEN diamond branding instead of the past OMEN face logo, for a machine that is refined for both the gamer and casual home user. Users still like customizable RGB lighting, and the OMEN logo, fan light ring and internal lighting are all controlled by OMEN Command Center software.

  • In this work-from-home / stay in place at home world, gaming enables community - many games have voice chat or communal settings, and it's essential for users who find community in games to have a machine with enough power and upgrade-ability to support that sense of community.

  • * Upgradeability. The computer is modular - any parts off the shelf you want to purchase, you can fit in the case. * Quick-access release for the side panel, with one-button press. * Illumination. The OMEN diamond, RGB light ring around fan, and internal lighting of the thermal radiator and heatsink device, all customizable. * The front fascia is glass with a transparent-to-opaque gradient, with air intake pattern on the side of the fascia. Transparency allows the fan and light ring to be seen under glass. * Glass was used to achieve the modern, minimalist aesthetic, both with the front panel and the entire side access panel, which isn't a window, but a single pane of glass. * The glass is entirely EMI Shielded, something that no-one else in the market does. EMI shielding prevents unintentional interference with other electronics. * Previous gaming machines had a more aggressive, in-your-face appearance. Minimization of complex shapes to a more pure form was essential. Intended to be more neutral. A trend we see in the market is towards more pure, mature forms, uninterrupted surfaces, and the intentional avoidance of unnecessary decoration, with the allowance of some lighting.