• 2021

  • Architectural
    Interior Design

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Wang Kung Yu

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NORDICO Office is a combined home and interior design office space of 125 square meters. Through the layout of space and furniture, the three major areas of working environment, exhibition space, and home life, coexist harmoniously expressing the balance between work and home.

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  • This space is a traditional apartment in Taiwan. The designer needs to face the problems of dark lighting; furthermore, it must also be designed to break the traditional pattern for work and life, and to allow users to freely switch between home and work. At the same time, the designer needs to create an immersive environment when clients visit, they can easily feel the feature of the design brand and material display.

  • It is planned in the concept of public and private areas in the front and rear part respectively with the principal spirit of open design. Getting rid of the boring and dull office furniture, the designer uses the concept of window to create office area, and simplify the facade design with flexible furniture collocations, blurring the boundary between work and rest. Clients also can sense the style of their brand immediately during the visit tour.

  • This project integrates the needs of private life and commercial activities. The designer considers the needs of residents, employees and clients, and provide professional design services in a composite space. Through the concept of exhibition booth and furniture display, it not only allows employees to work freely, discuss and interact, stimulate creativity, but also provide customers with a blueprint for the outlook of life, which will help the design discussion process to be smoother.

  • There are some features that enhance the attraction and beauty of this design: (1)In the renovation work, the compartment in the front part is removed, so that the natural light can play the maximum benefit, and can make more flexible furnishing arrangement. (2)The open space uses the ground material to convert from fish-bone wood floor to grey woven carpet, which clearly defines the function on the concept, but there is no gap in the vision and experience. (3)The technical lamp membrane is the main illumination of the interior space. The seamless design can adjust the color temperature without producing the dazzling light, add the new ideas to the home office. (4)The custom-made low cabinets use retro rolling door technology, and the monorail design is more neat than ordinary doors. The special closing and closing methods make the cabinet more flexible; the cabinet doors match the colors of plants to make the natural Green and interior design echo each other.