Natural Beauty

  • 2020

  • Architectural
    Interior Design

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Eric Li

Designed In:

Hong Kong

This beauty centre is (natural). The architectural design consists of two layers of floor-to-ceiling glass, plus sky blue light and a layer of vertical gauze to create a flowing curtain effect. The interior design is made from brown wood, plain wall and outdoor architectural design to make natural beauty information.

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Image: Eric Li
Image: Eric Li
Image: Eric Li
Image: Eric Li
Image: Eric Li
Image: Eric Li
Image: Eric Li
Image: Eric Li
  • MORE
  • The out door full high glass wall used led lght bar 3000k sun light feeling ( waterfall feature ). Inside all lighting to use Led light bar 2700k warm light have the family feel in interior .

  • How to show the nature concept of Tiispa. How to design a waterfall effect on the glass wall. Moreover, it is necessary to match the interior wood with a sense of architecture and a natural feeling.

  • interior ceiling light i design the light trough to high line all ceiling It's like a Neatly arranged stone house. In all room i put in some modern style with the people feeling inside nature style have some modern.

  • The full high glass wall feature (waterfall) material was used white curtain and blue color led light high line the curtain feel the water on the glass wall to flow. Reception counter designed material were nickel sliver stainless steel and mable. all wall designed beige color wallcovering and some brown wood pattern. The reception ceiling designed brown wood strip ceiling.