Nanoleaf Shapes – Hexagons

  • 2020

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    Furniture and Lighting

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The Nanoleaf Shapes – Hexagons transform the concept of smart lighting into a personal journey of design. With six sides to connect and the ability to work with different future shapes within the same line, the Hexagons offer limitless lighting, design, and IoT possibilities for your smart home decor.

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  • Lighting is a very personal part of the home with the ability to affect your mood and well-being, yet the industry has traditionally been very rigid. Most lights are confined to a fixture and do not offer any design flexibility for consumers. Smart lighting in particular often has sterility that poses like a foreign object in our homes. IoT products tend to focus on software features but end up neglecting the importance of design. Our goal is to transform spaces to meet their highest potential. We believe in lighting that fits into your life, not the other way around.

  • The Hexagons are completely modular and color customizable, allowing each user to create their own personal lighting experience. They are the first-ever lighting product to interconnect with different shapes. Interconnectivity will give users design freedom to make everything from abstract geometric layouts to breathtaking lighting mosaics. Each hexagon features rounded corners and slightly curved edges for a softer feel that naturally fits into the home. The Hexagons are intelligent (with touch controls, scheduling, and a music visualizer), but they also add warmth through color, ambiance, and even within the design itself - balancing the worlds of technology and home decor.

  • We chose the hot runner approach in plastic injection molding to eliminate wastage by 30%. This method runs the plastic through ports in the product mold in a molten state. When the part is ejected from the mold, the inlets keep the hot plastic ready for the next injection. There’s no wastage of plastic with this method. The LGP (light guide plate) has also been reduced in thickness by 20% (compared to our previous light panels) to save material. The result is a product with the thinnest optical components we’ve ever seen.

  • Magic of Touch: Control your entire home’s lighting with one single touch. Using intuitive touch technology, you can turn your lights on, off, adjust brightness, and change color animations instantly. For iOS users, the Touch Actions feature transforms the hexagons into smart buttons for your entire home. A single press on your designated “Good Morning” hexagon, for example, will turn on all of your lights, lift the blinds and even turn on your kettle before you get to the kitchen. Experience Your Home: The Shapes Hexagons create lighting as an experience to elevate your everyday moments. Use the Screen Mirror feature for an immersive movie night, taking the richness of each scene and painting it onto the Hexagons. Or use the Rhythm music visualizer to unwind as your favorite songs dance across the lights. Flexible Mounting System: We believe that smart lighting should cater to you, allowing you to create, design, and redesign as you desire. The Hexagons’ snap-on mounting system with double-sided tape lets you easily replace and reconfigure your layout without damaging the wall. The Hexagons are meant to change, shift, and grow with you as your home’s design evolves.