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My Architect is revolutionising the way Australian property owners embark on their renovations and new builds. By providing an easier, clearer, more appealing service structure and access to talented, trained professionals, our aim is no less than to help transform Australia’s residential environment for the better – aesthetically, functionally and sustainably.

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  • Careful planning of a home to create an environment of light and space that delivers functional, sustainable, more economic living is often overlooked. Instead, Australians are often seduced by the latest 'butler's pantry' or ensuite arrangement as a 'design statement'. Meanwhile, for every well meaning sustainable housing policy, the building industry champions another overbearing McMansion. My Architect's services are uniquely structured to reintroduce the values of good design to renovations and new homes of all sizes and budgets.

  • Traditionally clients committed to an architect for the full breadth of their project. This 'all or nothing' approach has stripped architects of many clients due to their wariness of committing to a perceived complex process. Architects have struggled also to communicate to property owners the fundamental, transformative value they bring to projects - enabling clients to experience the pleasure of spaces that are well considered, that optimise their location, their aims and their budget. Truely designed homes that go beyond 'taps and tiles styling' and the latest trends and are a genuine pleasure to live in, now and for decades to come.

  • Our service begins with a 2hr consultation ($495) onsite with a hand-picked, talented, registered architect, with local knowledge. We appraise the property, listen to the customer's aims and develop an on-the-spot rough concept sketch, with immediate client feedback to resolve the project direction. Customers gain professional advice on planning issues, timelines, budgeting and more. With this knowledge, they can choose to proceed to Concept Drawings (ranging from $1500- $3500 flat fee) ie. scaled, hand drawn drawings that formalise & develop the meeting concepts. Included is an Action Plan, outlining step-by-step the best way to take the concept forward, with a set fee for each stage to project completion.

  • My Architect's team of RAIA registered architects is limited at this stage to 10 practitioners to ensure our architects receive a steady flow of projects. Each is carefully assessed & judiciously selected by our Director, Robert Harwood. All locally based and independent, they must demonstrate a proven ability to work within our unique service structure & deliver the best possible architectural services to clients. A 'My Architect architect' denotes a proven level of proficiency in design skills, organisation, efficiency & productivity. They are communicators & results focused, not dilettantes. For clients, this means access to peer selected, RAIA registered architects & the peace of mind that this brings.

    Quality architects can transform people's lives with the spaces they design. Like doctors & lawyers, it is a higher regulated and controlled professional qualification. Our service is structured so that complementary visits & uncharged drawing amendments are eliminated, reflecting the value architects bring to a project at every touchpoint. Our service structure provides clarity & flexibility for the client, whilst ensuring architects are paid fairly & on time. Clients' credit card details are collected prior to engagement & monthly pro-rata payments received prior to releasing drawings. My Architect's services to our architects include sourcing & scheduling projects, marketing, administration & invoicing.

    As part of our focus on challenging the status quo of traditional architectural services and being more engaged with the general public, we regularly attend local community markets & festivals in Sydney & Melbourne. This has been a excellent way to demonstrate the value we offer and spread the word about our accessible approach to delivering quality architectural services, as well as the benefits they bring. Best of all, it's in a forum that is fresh, relaxed and unexpected for the profession. We are also active in selected local community hubs online.

    My Architect's scaleability has ensured that from humble beginnings in Torquay, Victoria & after attending to hundreds of clients in Melbourne & Sydney, My Architect is now head-officed in Double Bay, Sydney, with a second office in Sandringham, Victoria. In 2016, our team grew to encompass the Mornington Peninsula, Surfcoast & Adelaide. We plan to expand to New Zealand in 2018. Our clients are spread across a variety of urban and rural areas and encompass a range of socio economic groups. We are always in search of quality architects to join our team, whilst ensuring our current team has consistent ongoing projects.