• 2016

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    Web Design and Development

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Concept, design and development of an high-end-video website for MOODBOARD. The studio of the German Emmy-Award Winner Konstantinos Sampanis is specialized on aesthetic motion picture and the magical world of craft business.

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  • MOODBOARD specialized itself on aesthetic moving picture productions and stages manufactory businesses. The vision of the CEO Konstantinos Sampanis was, to reverberate the brilliance and high quality of his movies on the first glance of his website. This vision became the most important strategic consideration during the whole process. The challenge was, to combine the appearance of an unique movie production with a common content management system. With the responsive design implemented in the Wordpress CMS, we were able to create a shiny solution.

  • We decided to use moving pictures in a minimal design continuously, to pick up the visual aesthetic of a glossy magazine. On the landingpage, the top four projects rotate in a fullscreen video showreel.

  • The adapted mobile design is a intended version of the desktop version, that lets the user experience the most important content of the website. The focus were on desktop user interactions and native user interactions.

  • Each project is presented in an extensive case study. Multiple slides deal with different key aspects of the project. Every page features a video snippet - sometimes with an interactive approach.

    Additionally to the website, we have created a suitable corporate design for MOODBOARD. In this way, the high-class 3D Monogram became alive. As the display font, we decided to use the striking Brandon Grotesque font. The geometric style is influenced by the 20th and 30th of the 20th century. The flowing text shows in the serif font Grad - a flawless typestyle with a great clarity and legibility, that lean at the traditional craftmanship.