Monarch Mini Fill Sand Go

  • 2020

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

  • Australian Brushware Corporation Pty Ltd

Commissioned By:

Australian Brushware Corporation Pty Ltd

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Through innovative design and creation, Monarch have developed a true solution for your everyday filling needs. Monarch Mini Fill Sand Go, has been designed with convenience in mind – comes equipped with multi-purpose filler, an applicator and a unique sanding puck for fine cracks and small holes.

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  • When it comes to filling cracks and holes in walls and surfaces around the home it can be a challenging task. Majority of people don't know what their buying and on top of it all they fail to realise they need a few different items to get the job done. Monarch have removed the complexity and made it easy with Fill Sand Go. You get the filler, the applicator to apply the filler and best of all the sanding puck (clog free) to do the sanding after the filler has dried. All in a neat little pack!

  • Monarch Mini Fill Sand Go is the perfect product for every home. No other filler product in the market comes equipped with a sanding element hence our sanding puck is not only unique, the pad itself is clog free, is 120grit designed for fine sanding and comes with a holder for greater ergonomics when sanding your surface.

  • The design of Monarch Mini Fill Sand Go took landfill into consideration. We packaged all the elements into a neat little pack which can be re-used over and over until the filler is consumed. Our sanding puck can be washed out and dried for re-use. And commercially we've being able to design a product that offers great value to the consumer at an affordable price point. We've also managed to evolve the filler market as no other product comes with a sanding element and we've now made this filling application an easy process for the end consumer.

  • The key design feature to highlight is the way the applicator and sanding puck all fit inside the lid of the filler container. Which means pieces will not go missing and it can all be used and put away easily.