• 2019

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  • Isobar Australia

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Momatu is an innovative, dedicated mobile app for parents to capture, share and relive favourite moments in a safe, automated and imaginative way.

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  • With smartphones always close by, parents are taking thousands of photos and videos of their children every year. However as they try to keep extended family in the loop while protecting their child's privacy, they’re using multiple apps. The volume of content across messages, emails, and the cloud is growing without order, context or an easy way to look back and enjoy. This means special moments are getting lost. Our challenge was to solve this - and we did so through creating Momatu, a dedicated place for parents to capture, share and keep these incredibly special moments safe.

  • Momatu is a mobile app designed to ensure a child’s special moments take centre stage. It bring special moments together, allowing users to intuitively explore content easily and safely. Journal entries, quotes and milestones (alongside photos and videos) ensures moments that can’t be captured by a camera can also be part of a child's history. Content is automatically sorted by time and date into the timeline, speeding up the process to add, save and organise memories. Each timeline's private, only seen by the people who are invited, so loved ones who can’t always be there, will feel like they are.

  • Momatu was made for the parents of today. It is the baby book for the digital age – keeping the most important memories, milestones and moments in one better, safer and more convenient place. With growing concerns over privacy on social media, we also focused on protecting the privacy of children. Every Momatu timeline is private and only viewable by those who are invited. So parents can share photos and videos of their children with family and friends with the confidence they are doing so in a unique, private, safe environment.

  • *Timelines* Each timeline keeps moments safe and well organised so parents can reminisce and share whenever they like. Timelines can be viewed in day, month or year view. Any content added to a timeline is automatically sorted by date and time. *Inspiration* To help ensure parents never miss an important moment, Momatu comes with plenty of innovative ideas, inspiration and advice for creating new kinds of moments right within the app. *Capture every moment* Not all moments can be captured by a camera. Custom tools allow parents to add journal entries, quotes and milestones alongside their photos and videos – with the ability to add their own personal design touches throughout. *Privacy* Each moment in the timeline is chosen by the the timeline’s creator, ensuring content remains private from the rest of the world. They also get to choose who can see a timeline, with each user only gaining access through invitation. *Collaboration* Every person invited to a timeline can comment and add content, allowing family and friends to collaborate and share memories as they happen. *Keepsakes* Moments can be brought to life in a range of printed products. Such as photo books, framed prints, stickers and more.