MinterEllison ME Taskflow

  • 2017

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    Commercial Services

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  • MinterEllison

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MR Taskflow is essentially a library of task-based building blocks that are assembled by lawyers into bespoke workflows to suit unique client needs. Workflows ensure each task is completed by the best person for the job. Building blocks have embedded document automation, best practice know-how and system integration to efficiently automate tasks.

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  • ME Taskflow was developed in-house by MinterEllison, with a project team that included lawyers, systems analysts, developers and document automation specialists. This new generation product contains a repository of tasks, each underpinned by extensive know-how and precedents, that can to be strung together into a matter template with relevant user roles and milestone dates for each task. It turns a task into a powerful tool - one that delivers everything a user needs to complete an activity, simply, efficiently and within set timeframes. This includes also delivering the know-how to perform each task and the precedent or completed document (document automation), while allocating the activity to the most appropriate person within the legal team. As tasks can be used across different practice groups to build tailored matter templates, the more tasks available in the system, the faster a matter template can be built. Precedents and know-how are visible across practice groups - allowing resources to be shared and ensuring the templates are 'best practice' and support MinterEllison's high standards of legal delivery.