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  • 2017

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MinterEllison believes its lawyers will deliver the most value if they seek opportunities to redesign their work practices with the client experience at the core, not just with a focus on the delivery of great technical advice.

Empower provides a roadmap to do this. Empower consists of a series of interactions or “sprints” occurring over three months (and refreshed after 6 months). The framework encourages reflection and planning: What needs to see done differently in the team to deliver enhanced outcomes? How do partners lead?

How do we build strength-based teams that deliver different outcomes?
What are the opportunities to work differently using the lens of “how we work” and “where we work”?

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  • Innovation strategies often fail to focus on comprehensive behavioural change. No program is innovative unless it is accompanied by the mindset and behaviour changes needed to ensure that innovative practices/tools/technologies/solutions are adopted. Empower embeds innovation in mindset, behaviour and activity. At its most basic level, it is every team member asking themselves when approaching a task "how and where can I do this so that I am at my best". It challenges them to seek innovation at every level, connecting with both personal and organisational outcomes. It provides teams with the skills and tools needed to enable innovation to be approached with confidence and resilience. In delivery, the program adopts a multi-dimensional approach bringing together core elements of change management, adult learning, high performance teams, flexible work practices and design thinking. It involves every team member from secretary to Business Unit Leader. Each team member creates a plan that is implemented over 6-8 weeks. The teams are brought back together for coaching and on-going stretch. Empower represents important and critical innovation, at all levels, that will support MinterEllison in meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing market. It also provides the bedrock for other innovation programs to be successful.