Milli Flow Basin Mixer

  • 2018

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Commissioned By:

Reece Group

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The Milli Flow range is heroed by the basin mixer. Milli Flow is enduring design that enhances the way we live and naturally expresses who we are. With shapes reminiscent of nature, Flow emulates the true essence of relaxation. Soft curves meet angular lines in a modern composition.

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  • To design a contemporary, minimalist organic basin mixer that can easily be integrated into a variety of bathroom ambiances and styles. To provide an intuitive and simple to use design that has its own character and allure.

  • Due to the slimline, floating nature of the Milli Flow range the development journey required several iterations to meet the design brief. Significant work was required on the internal surfaces of the product from a design and manufacturing perspective to achieve the perfect flow of water to the end user. The movement of the handle operating the on/off flow of water played an important role in meeting the functional requirements of the product whilst adhering to the desired design.

  • From a commercial perspective, Milli Flow brings forward thinking design to the segment that is adaptable to a variety of environments. We see great potential for growth as the adoption cycle comes in to play. From a user point of view, Flow creates an organic, tactile feel to a product that is ordinarily hard and angular. The organic nature of the product improves the user experience through simple operation and a serene flow of water which is increasingly important in our aging population.

  • Through refined surface design, Milli Flow delivers a modern composition of soft curves and angular lines to express continuation of shape and flow. The mixer handle has a friendly and playful “kick” that makes it intuitive to use and adds character. The handle completes the design to cover the sliced upper surface and its forward leaning posture creates a proud organic element sitting on top of the basin.