Miele TwoInOne

  • 2018

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    Domestic Appliances

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Miele Australia

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Space-saving and elegant design, advanced and user-friendly technology, and superior performance are some of the key attributes of the TwoInOne. Miele’s first induction cooktop with integrated downdraught extractor is a true multi-talent which opens up whole new approaches to design in modern kitchens.

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  • The global trend towards open-plan kitchens increasingly calls for the full integration of appliances in kitchens. This is highly relevant when it comes to the effective extraction of cooking vapours and odours, especially where the kitchen design is not suitable for the installation of a conventional overhead rangehood. The key design challenge was to develop an integrated system which blends in seamlessly with its surroundings, and which is suitable for both conventional installation in a run of kitchen furniture positioned against a wall, as well as for open-plan cooking islands.

  • Miele was able to combine the benefits of its highly efficient induction technology with a powerful downdraught extractor. On the TwoInOne, the extractor is positioned in the centre and framed by two variable PowerFlex cooking areas. The TwoInOne extracts vapours and odours precisely and reliably where they originate and not at a distance above pots and pans. The TwoInOne also features Miele’s exclusive Con@ctivity 2.0, which is essentially an automatic function which adjusts the power setting of the extractor depending on what is cooking and will even switch itself off again after a brief fan run-on period after cooking.

  • The TwoInOne is made in Germany and designed for a useful product life of 20 years under normal household use. Miele’s highly efficient PowerFlex induction technology combined with a powerful and quiet DC Eco motor controlled via the automatic Con@ctivity 2.0 function minimise energy consumption during use. When tested under the relevant European Standards, the TwoInOne has achieved the best possible “A” ratings for both fluid-dynamic efficiency and grease filtration efficiency, whilst its energy efficiency was even rated as “A+”.

  • Miele’s PowerFlex induction technology is exceptionally versatile and features permanent pan-size sensing, allowing – for example – two individual cooking zones to join up automatically when large pots or pans are placed on the surface. The TwinBooster mode is exceptionally powerful and ideal for bringing a large volume of water to the boil. The food warming and Stop&Go functions ensure additional convenience. For top class grease separation, Miele deploys a 10-ply stainless steel grease filter which is housed in an exclusive filter box. This can be removed easily and simply be cleaned in the dishwasher. Miele’s unique CleanCover is located behind the grease filter and consists of a smooth lining that is both easy to clean and protects against exposure to live componentry when cleaning the unit. Potential spillages of liquid are contained by a tray below the extractor grille. All technical components of the extractor are housed in the base unit and take up relatively little space, still allowing for the installation of reduced-depth drawers in the same cabinet.