Miele PW 6088 Professional Washer-Extractor

  • 2016

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    Domestic Appliances

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Miele Design Centre

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Miele PW 6088 Professional washer-extractor

Commercial speed and capacity for large households

57 laundry-specific wash programmes

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  • In large households with mountains of laundry, domestic washing machines may often be struggling to cope. They may simply be too small or too slow to keep up the pace. It is for these situations, where the Miele PW 6088 Professional washer-extractor has been developed as the ideal solution. In terms of capacity, speed, efficiency and durability, this washer-extractor offers the ultimate Miele performance for heavy use in the home. With its stainless steel casing and external dimensions which dwarf ordinary domestic washers, it is not just impressive to look at, but has been designed for serious commercial endurance and can easily cope with up to six big loads per day.

  • Its eye-catching stainless steel design provides an immediately recognizable visual reference to the commercial heritage of this latest Miele washer-extractor. The PW 6088 will comfortably take pride of place in any well designed laundry. Apart from its size, it is the huge zinc diecasting door and the Profitronic L Vario controls, which have neatly been integrated into the slightly angled fascia panel, which visually distinguish this washer-extractor from Miele's range of domestic washing machines.

  • Thanks to its 80 l drum, the Miele PW 6088 washer-extractor has a maximum load capacity of 10 kg, which can comfortably not only accommodate, but also clean to perfection up to 20 bath towels, or 14 pairs of jeans simultaneously. A wide range of wash programmes is tailored to the diverse range of loads which this machine may need to process in different homes, ranging from heavily soiled work clothes to large down duvets or even delicate silks. This includes a programme where a full 10 kg load of Cottons can be washed and spun in under an hour. The Profitronic L Vario controls are self-explanatory and intuitive to use, with a 4-line display indicating the precise programme selection for individual loads.

  • Whilst the original concept was designed specifically for commercial use, the PW 6088 has been fully tested and certified for use in domestic homes. It has a number of important safety features, which include an electronic safety lock, which will prevent the user from coming in contact with hot water or a moving drum, as well as a programmable PIN code, which will prevent unauthorized use. The Miele WaterProof System consists of a double solenoid valve directly at the stopcock, intelligent sensor technology and a sheathed inlet hose. Provided installation has been carried out correctly, Miele offers a guarantee for all subsequent damages, should they occur as a result of a faulty WaterProof System.

    All key components have been tested for commercial endurance, which Miele has defined as an effective working life of 30,000 operating hours. The front panel, suds container and patented Honeycomb drum have all been made from high quality stainless steel, ensuring outstanding durability and reliability. The solid and robust construction and quality of components used in the PW 6088 washer-extractor is also evidenced by the 151 kg weight of the machine, which is more than 50% more than the typical weight of a Miele domestic washing machine.

    Given its superior technology, long life expectancy and diverse range of applications, the initial investment in a Miele PW 6088 washer-extractor does represent outstanding value for money in the long term. The design of this product is a clear testimony to its commercial heritage, and further supports Miele's global reputation as a true expert in modern laundry care. In view of the fact that machine shares many of its components with Miele's comprehensive range of commercial laundry systems, the company is confident of achieving a positive return on the investment made on the design

    The most obvious innovation on the Miele PW 6088 washer-extractor is that it offers a greater capacity and shorter programme cycles than any of Miele's domestic washing machines. Its Profitronic L Vario controls provide convenient access to 13 basic programmes, as well as dedicated programme package which have been designed for the target groups “Household”, “Sport”, “Hotel” and “Bedding”. In total, the machine offers a range of no less than 57 laundry-specific programmes, ensuring that each individual load is treated in the best possible way to achieve perfect results at all times.