Miele FoodView Oven H 7860 BP

  • 2020

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    Domestic Appliances

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Miele Australia Pty.Ltd.

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With a number of world firsts, Miele’s latest FoodView oven H 7860 BP is making cooking simpler and more intuitive than ever before. Sophisticated Miele technology enables users to keep an eye on what’s cooking via their mobile device and, if necessary, even adjust cooking times and temperatures remotely.

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  • Miele's designers were tasked to find new ways to assist time-poor consumers in having the best user experience with their Miele oven. Some key questions which had to be addressed in the process included: "How could I monitor the cooking process from outside the kitchen", "How can I prevent food from overcooking when I am not there when the oven is finished" and "Are there any routine tasks which the oven can potentially perform automatically, rather than always relying on activation by the user"?

  • Two of the Miele key innovations and World Firsts in this oven are FoodView and TasteControl. FoodView is an integrated camera which transmits images of the food in the oven to the users mobile device. With the Miele@mobile App, the user is then able to adjust times and temperatures from wherever they are. TasteControl is the function where the oven door is opened automatically at the end of a programme, a cooling fan sets in reducing the temperature in the oven fast, and then switches to keep warm mode to keep the food at optimum temperature without overcooking.

  • In commercial terms, Miele's latest FoodView oven has the potential to make a significant positive impact on Miele's overall business performance. The substantial investment in R&D and design has resulted in a unique product with fascinating technology and unique new features, which will assist its users to save a lot of time and effort when preparing delicious meals at home. As a hero product in Miele's latest Generation 7000 of major built-in cooking appliances, it is expected to become one of the key drivers in its category.

  • The oven is the first pyrolytic oven in the world which includes a camera in the roof of the oven cavity. The camera relays images in HD quality to a mobile device. This allows the current state of the food to be assessed and temperatures and times to be tweaked remotely. TasteControl puts the user on the safe side when they are not there to immediately take the food out of the oven at the end of a roasting or baking programme. The door opens to the ajar position, the cooling fan expels hot air, and within a few minutes the temperature inside the oven cavity drops sufficiently to prevent overcooking, before the oven door closes again for the pre-programmed 'keep warm' phase. The intuitive handling of the oven is further supported by Miele with MotionReact. With MotionReact, the oven will pre-empt the user's next moves and automatically switch on when the user approaches, activating the oven lighting or deactivating the ringtone at the end of a programme.