MEUM – Bass guitar

  • 2020

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    Consumer Electronics

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Meum electric bass guitar is a shake-up of tradition, innovation, and design that resulted in a perfect blend of proportions, and balanced diagonals.
It’s effortless to handle thanks to its lightweight, and the edges are in the right spots, giving an innovative spin to the traditional shape.

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  • The concept took 3 years to materialize – being fine-tuned with designer methodology at all stages. Meum is the love-child of 3D mathematics, gorgeous craftsmanship, and high-quality production. It’s 100% made in Italy, and all the details and refinements are hand-made by visionary artists. The project, driven by a balance between diagonals and parallelisms, birthed a charming and ergonomic design, shaping up a lightweight instrument of just ~2.9 kg. It resulted in a full solid body with a wise choice of excellent quality materials, that looks and feels fantastic.

  • The design wants to keep the iconic feeling according to the masterpieces of the electric bass guitars while adding a modern and innovative design. The main goal was not only to have a stylish bass guitar but also to improve its own usability avoiding problems of excess weight for the musician. The final result was lighter than the expectation although maintaining top quality materials.

  • Meum born from a half-crafted production. the melting between industrial design processes and expert artisan's hands allows all the woods and materials to be accurately selected and checked to avoid mass production waste. This underlines the difference between general music instrumentals productions and Meum process.

  • Because we pay great attention to details, the triangular knobs are custom-designed, as well as the leads and strap buttons with the ultimate goal to create a cohesive style. The Meum guitar is equipped with magnetic lid covers (back and front) to provide easy maintenance access. They can easily be removed and mounted by hand. All the components are made from premium materials and finish. The reversed headstock has a design that doesn’t resemble anything existing on the market. Thanks to the cuts and chamfers, it has been optimized to be as lightweight as possible while maintaining the optimal stiffness to prevent incorrect vibration. Thanks to the reversed headstock, we’ve obtained an overall increased sustain. The pickups, have a unique diagonal design and generate the aggressive sounds you aim for thanks to the custom bobbin height and length, wound on 8mm AINiCo magnet rods. The superior quality screening allows us not to ground the strings, obtaining the same signal to noise ratio of a grounded bass guitar. The actual bass is passive with VVT controls, for super-easy use.